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Ilbe the Retriever and The Messenger.

Posted on 27 July, 2017 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

The cards I've drawn from the Faeries Oracle and the Heart of Faerie Oracle work well together today I think. We have Ilbe the Retriever and The Messenger. Ilbe is stationary as he looks and then finds something he has previously lost, and then the Messenger sprints off away from him, ready to pass the information on to whoever needs to know it. Both the characters are looking out of the card at us, reminding us that this is something we need to do and that we're not passive observers in this situation.

We may have lost a physical item, a thought/mindset, or a habit we used to carry out religiously; it's very likely many of us have regrets over something we've lost in life, and that nagging feeling that we should do something about finding it and utilising it again. Chris and I attended a Reiki course on Monday and it reminded us of some areas in our lives that we used to embrace more fully, but have paid less attention to over time as work and day to day life gets in the way and takes over our time little by little without us noticing what was being eroded away. In that sense, these cards are telling our story of how we reconnected with our inner selves a bit more again and us telling you about it here so you can see if there are any parallels you can draw to your own lives. Everyone has their own version, which is what these daily draws are about really. We all have very different lives, but there are themes and ideas that connect or speak to us all at some point.


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Epona's Wild Daughter and The Green Man.

Posted on 25 July, 2017 at 6:10 Comments comments (0)

I wasn't ready to put away the Faeries Oracle or the Heart of Faeries Oracle, so this week I've decided to pick one card from each deck per day for our page. Today's cards are Epona's Wild Daughter from the Faeries Oracle and The Green Man from the Heart of Faerie Oracle.

Looking at the two cards next to each other, the first thing that I notice is how the fairy in the first card has her back turned away from the Green Man in the second. She is leaning on another fairy, who is sitting bent over and doesn't look very comfortable, while an owl looks on. The owl is related to being wise, but Epona the wild fairy is turning away from this also.

The message I get for us from these cards is that much as there may be things we want to do that appear to be more fun and carefree than others, should we really be turning our backs on sensible, wise advise or the things that are good for us? The Green Man encourages us to have connections with nature, to see how our actions interact with more things than we realise and that we can be harming our environment without even realising if we don't make a conscious effort to try and protect it. Pleading ignorance to this doesn't take away the harm we've caused, and turning a blind eye to the information readily available to us showing how we can live more in tune with the environment is no excuse for our actions. How many times do we throw an item away that can be reused, buy a product that damages the environment or act in a destructive way? Some of these are harder to avoid than others, and none of us can live a perfect life as we live in such a technological and convenience led world, but we can listen to the advice we're given and act on as much of it as possible within our own personal constrictions. We all want to party every so often, but we need to look after ourselves and our planet too to enable us to be able to carry on enjoying ourselves on those special occasions.


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The Child.

Posted on 21 July, 2017 at 3:20 Comments comments (0)

The Child is our card today, and shows a young fairy sitting on a toadstool. There is another faerie land creature in the background watching the child, perhaps trying to see what has grabbed the child's attention. We often overlook the day to day miracles that are going on around us, such as spiders spinning their webs, flowers opening their petals or the shapes clouds make as they travel across the sky. Children, however, notice these things a lot more and see them as wondrous or magical. It can be difficult to shake off our sensible adult personas and re-see these things again through the eyes of a child, but if we can we're likely to be rewarded by a sense of fun and excitement, and may even find the spark returning into our lives that can be elusive at times. Children rarely think something is impossible; they're more likely to try and work out how to do it or just get on with it and see what happens. As adults, many of us will talk ourselves out of an adventure before we've even begun due to what could go wrong or fail. Somewhere along the line our mindset has altered, so this card is encouraging us to step back in time and see if we can use our imagination and discover the fun again.


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The Queen of Shadows.

Posted on 20 July, 2017 at 5:55 Comments comments (0)

We have another Queen card today, this time The Queen of Shadows from the Heart of Faerie Oracle. This is one of the darker cards in the deck, and I find the image really powerful. We all have our own shadows; some we acknowledge, some we try and hide and some we may not even be aware of until we look for them. To have balance in our lives we need to accept this side of ourselves as well as the “lighter” side. The expressions “love and light” and “lightworker” are only one side of the story and the more people concentrate on this area the more other parts of life are being neglected. There are many people who embrace the light side of life, but who shy away from the darkness. Dark doesn't mean bad, rather it may be the side of ourselves we keep mainly hidden from others, our private thoughts, events from the past, or even skills we have that we've neglected or pushed to the sidelines. There may be issues we need to deal with before we can move on from them, events that need to be addressed before we can close the door on them so they can go back into the shadows, or we may just to to face who we really are and stop hiding our true selves away. This can relate to people on so many different levels, and it's something that we need to do on our own terms when we're ready. Once we've faced our fears, shadows and worries though, we're likely to feel stronger and more able to cope with whatever comes our way. We can be our own worst enemy at times, so if we can face ourselves we have a much better chance of being able to face the rest of the world.


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The Queen of Owls.

Posted on 19 July, 2017 at 4:25 Comments comments (0)

I've drawn The Queen of Owls from the Heart of Faerie deck for us today. In the accompanying book the keywords for this card are: Physical healing/Wholeness/Wellness. The card shows many faeries, with the main one wearing an owl headdress (or perhaps that is part of her head?) and owl wings, with a bright glow around her. Some of the faeires around her look happier than others, but many of them are facing the same way as she is, as though they're moving forwards and away from the pain of the past. Owls are also seen to be wise symbolically speaking, so this should make us listen to her message even more. If there is an area of our live that needs some healing (not necessarily just physical, this could be matters that need laying to rest or just how we deal with issues that arise) this card is nudging us to look into what we can do to help or improve matters. Can we adopt a healthier lifestyle, leave issues from the past behind us and move on, or help to resolve a conflict between people? Many of us will be inundated with the number of things we can do in this area I bet, to the point that it can feel overwhelming, and them we may even want to just leave it all rather than try tackling some of them. If this is the case, we need to remember to start small and just see how things go. We can always build it up and do more when we're able, but the main thing is to keep going, to keep striving for improvements and to look after ourselves as much as possible.


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The Pan.

Posted on 18 July, 2017 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

There's a theme again this week with the Heart of Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud. Yesterday we had The Boy which reminded me of Peter Pan, and today's card is The Pan! This deck is split into seven groups; yesterday's card was from the Archetypes (the ancient energies of Faerie that are everlasting), and today's is from the Sprites (young and joyful spirits, helpful rather than harmful). As per per the Peter Pan story, The Pan sees life as an awfully big adventure. This can appear to quite superficial in some ways as we all want to go out and have fun on an adventure, but in reality we have commitments to fulfil. Looking at it from a different point of view though, it takes courage to go on a journey and to be adventurous. We need to trust that we can deal with whatever comes next and not be able to make plans in the same way as usual. So, much as it can appear to look like a fun ride, in reality it can feel daunting and uncertain. The message for us from this is to take some of The Pan's courage for ourselves and see what we can do with it. We may want a new start, be going to a new job or looking for a change in our lives. It can feel scary, but it can also be a lot of fun as we go on our adventures.

At the bottom of the tree there is a Rune on this card; Daeg. This is the Rune for day or dawn, the here and now of a situation. It's about the clarity we get when the darkness clears, transformation, growth and release. This, along with The Pan, can encourage us to grow and feel confident in ourselves and what we want to achieve.


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The Boy.

Posted on 17 July, 2017 at 3:55 Comments comments (0)

After using the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud last week, I naturally decided to use his other oracle deck, the Heart of Faerie, this week as I like to make sure they get equal outings :)

The Boy is the card I drew for our age today, and you can see by his cheeky smile he's going to encourage us to have fun and get up to mischief. This boy has similarities to Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, and reminds us that no matter how old we are and how many responsibilities we have, we should still have fun and try to be young at heart to get the most out of life. We can be sensible but also playful, organised but still have a sense of humour, or set in our ways but ready for an adventure. The message from this card for us is to remember that just because we're meant to be grown up it doesn't mean we have to act in a grown up way all the time. It's ok to push our boundaries a little and do something out of the ordinary; it's time to be a bit less serious and a bit more adventurous. Have fun :)


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Myk the Myomancer.

Posted on 14 July, 2017 at 4:35 Comments comments (0)

The final card of the week for us from the Faeires Oracle by Brian Froud is Myk the Myomancer. I had to look up hat a Myomancer is, and it's the practice of reading omens from mice and rats. As these are relatively small creatures, it relates to looking for the small signs that come into our lives, as well as the larger ones. We're much more likely to see and understand the large signs or obvious symbolism around us, but do we see the more subtle ones? The message for us today is to try and slow down and be observant; watch what's going on around us, especially the things we often miss or don't have the time for. We can gain a lot of knowledge and information this way, and start to understand why certain things are happening in our lives much quicker in the long run than if we charge around everywhere. It's a bit like the tortoise and the hare story- speed isn't always the best option. Many of us will have a chance over the coming weekend to take it a bit easier and to relax a little. It's tempting to take this opportunity to dash around doing all the jobs that have built up or that need doing, but what else in our lives could we be missing if this is our focus? I'm going to try to worry less about the big picture and concentrate more on the less obvious things happening around me so hopefully this will provide some insights on my life, where I'm heading and what will be best for me in the long term.


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Posted on 13 July, 2017 at 3:25 Comments comments (0)

There appears to be a bit of a theme going on this week as today's card from the Faeries Oracle is Honesty, following on from yesterday's card about communication. I like the way this pixie creature looks directly out of the card at us, his stare catching our eyes so it's hard to look away. If we're honest it means we don't get confused in a web of lies or half-truths, we can be straightforward and just tell things as they are without having to remember a complicated backstory. Even the simplest of stories can get out of hand over time as we struggle to remember what we said to who.

Another aspect of this is being honest with ourselves. How many times have we said or done something because we think that's what we should do or it's expected of us? If it felt uncomfortable it's probably because we weren't being true to ourselves, whereas if we can be comfortable and honest with ourselves life feels a lot easier to get through, even when there are difficulties we need to tackle. It's not an easy task in the short term, but it can help us become closer to the people we ultimately want to be in the long term.


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Arval Parrot.

Posted on 12 July, 2017 at 3:55 Comments comments (0)

Arval Parrot is our card today from the Faeries Oracle, and you can see that this pixie is pointing to his throat as this card is about communication. What makes it more interesting and personal to me is that I have a meeting this morning where communication will certainly be important! He has a slight smile on his face which makes me think that as long as we're clear and honest in our intentions things will work out for us one way or another in the long term. It may not be the way we thought or originally hoped it would be, but things have a funny way of working our and pushing us in the right direction we need to go in, even if we can't see it for ourselves initially. For example, in the recent past I was in a situation where I spoke out against some people as I believed what was happening was wrong. At the time my worries and evidence were pretty much ignored by the parties involved and so I removed myself from the situation. I hope that in time the issues I brought up will be seen to be true by them, but what has actually happened since has resulted in me being in the right place at the right time for other events that have come up in my life. If I hadn't “spoken my truth” at that time, I would be in a more difficult situation now, even though the two issues are not related in any way. It's funny how things work out like this, so even if a situation seems to be dire or we can't see a way to improve things, if we can be truthful, honest and use our integrity we can at least have a clear conscience, and hopefully in time events will play out in a way that's beneficial to ourselves.


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Ffaff the Ffooter.

Posted on 11 July, 2017 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

Ffaff the Ffooter is today's card from the Faeries Oracle and shows a small pixie type being sitting on a mushroom, holding one of his feet. Just his name makes me think of “faffing around” rather than getting on with what needs to be done. Yes, I'm guilty of that! I easily manage to find something more interesting to do that what actually needs to be done. I much prefer sitting around reading or surfing the internet than doing housework for example :D Not all “faffing” is bad for us; it can lead to an uninteresting and unfulfilling life if we have no hobbies or no time to ourselves or if we feel guilty for resting and doing nothing every so often, so I suppose it comes back to balance again, as many of these things do. The cards that come up encouraging balance in our lives often appear when we're out of balance or on the verge of becoming so. Even if they just make us stop and think about our habits and behaviour for a few moments that can be enough for us to make some positive changes or alterations to make our lives run a bit more smoothly. It doesn't need to be painful or involve a big change in our habits; instead just a bit of tweaking here and there should do the job. So today I'll still do some faffing, but I'll be more mindful as to how long I'm doing it so it doesn't become the only thing I do. Everything in moderation as they say :)


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The Oak Men.

Posted on 10 July, 2017 at 5:55 Comments comments (0)

I've gone back to one of my earliest and much loved Oracle decks this week; The Faeires Oracle by Brian Froud. Today's card is The Oak Men and it shows faces in the trees on the card, or are they creatures that look like trees? The joy of tarot and oracle decks is that different aspects of the pictures can be noticed or seen differently each time you look at the cards.

Oak trees often relate to wisdom in symbology, as do older people, and here there is a depiction of both blended together. The message for us here is to slow down and listen to others with more experience before rushing into anything today. It may go against the grain to stop and take stock of a situation when we feel we're ready to proceed or that we have all the knowledge relevant to it already, but is there any need to rush in so fast? Taking our time and making sure we do it right first time is more important in the long run rather than risking making a hash of things just to get them done quickly, and possibly regretting our haste at a later date. We can still grow and make progress in a slow and steady way, and it could be a lot better for us in the long term too as so many aspects of our lives are interconnected and today's actions can have far reaching effects, so we want to make sure these play out in the best way possible for us.


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The Maiden.

Posted on 7 July, 2017 at 4:30 Comments comments (0)

The final card of the week from the Celtic Wisdom Oracle deck is The Maiden from the Clan of Honour. This clan represents courage action and development with their ethical code and integrity. The Maiden in this deck can seen to be similar to ideas of the Maiden in other decks and religions or belief systems, namely a young girl or woman who has her full potential ahead of her and who views life with excitement and enthusiasm. She represents new beginnings and creativity, finding her own way in the world. Her message to us is to never give up; we need to keep going even when times are hard if we want to make a success of our plans, hopes and dreams. We can't hope for them to become reality if we don't put in much effort or walk away from them when we hit an obstacle. If we try to view life through the eyes of a child we're more likely to see possibilities than problems, so with that in mind I'm going to try and tackle all the bits and pieces in my life I keep hoping will be resolved by themselves, but which I know won't be unless I do something about them. Wish me luck :)


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The Prophet.

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The Prophet from the Clan of Wisdom is today's card from the Celtic Wisdom Oracle. The Clan of Wisdom in this deck relates to wisdom, visions and spirit. They are the ones who keep the Clan's memory and knowledge alive and remember the Clan's ancestral rituals so they can be passed on to future generations. The man in the picture is using his third eye, listening to his intuition and using Ogham sticks to divine with- all tools he uses to enhance his prophecies and knowledge.

The message from this for us is to follow his example. How often do we dismiss our gut feelings and regret it at a later date? Sometimes we may just “know” things without any explanation, but because it's not logical we tend to not trust this knowledge and may not act on it, when if we had it could have been used to our advantage. The more we practice in these areas (divination, Tarot, pendulum, opening our third eye, meditating, etc.) the better we'll become at doing them and the more we'll be able to trust the results we get from these methods. It's time to build our confidence with these and listen to our intuition more. We need to trust ourselves, our inner voice, see if we can make improvements in our lives based on our own advice. Often, we'll ignore the signs around us as they don't make sense to us at that moment, but in time it's very likely we'll keep getting the same messages and symbols coming into our lives until we take notice and act on then information. Then we'll be able to see how it's all connected, what it all meant and possibly how we could have listened and acted on it earlier.


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The Spinner.

Posted on 5 July, 2017 at 8:30 Comments comments (0)

The Spinner (a Clan of Truth card) is our card today from the Celtic Wisdom Oracle. The Clan of Truth represents innocence, truth and beginnings, and relates to the skills people need to work the land to provide food and shelter. This card shows a girl spinning thread (something I had a go at recently, and much as I wasn't that good at it, I certainly enjoyed the experience. My 14 year old son was much better at it than me, but then he's also better at knitting and crocheting than I am :) ). In the past it would have been the girls and women who took this role, and they would provide the material for clothing and the household needs. It's a job that needs focus and dexterity (as I discovered myself) and brings with it many possibilities, restricted only by our imaginations. As a message to us, this is about finding our purpose in life and working hard to make the results as good as possible. The more we enjoy something the better we're likely to be at it, and so the final results will reflect this. We need to be committed to our choices, and also be patient as it's pretty rare to see the results we want overnight. This is the hardest part I think- the waiting around for everything to come together and click into place. In time, hopefully, this can happen. In the meantime, if we keep going and trying our best we'll certainly see results and hopefully enjoy ourselves along the way.


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The Counsellor.

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Today's card from the Celtic Wisdom Oracle is one of the Clan Cards- ancestors of our Bloodline. It is The Counsellor and is from the Clan of Sovereignty which is related to sovereignty, service, maturity, compassion and responsibility. The Counsellor in this card would have been Counsellor to the King, upholding the ancestral laws, be knowledgable in the ways of peace and war and be able to advise the King in all matters.

Relating this to ourselves today, looking at the figure in the card he appears to be confident and sure of himself and what he needs to do. He has a job to do and gets on with it, even if he isn't bringing good news or if he's having to advise the King he should go to war. We can't always have everything our own way or do the “fun” jobs all the time. Sometimes we need to be the barer of bad news, the upholder of an unpopular policy or get stuck into an unpleasant job that needs doing. When this happens to us, if we can do this in a practical, dignified, efficient way we're likely to get the best results, and also hopefully get it over and done with quite quickly. We may not always like what we need to do, but if it's a part of our lives and will be beneficial in the long run we may as well get on with it rather than procrastinating so we have more time for the enjoyable aspects of our lives afterwards. Now, I suppose I'd better get on with the housework that's been piling up! :)


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Lady of Life.

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The Celtic Wisdom Oracle by Caitlin Matthews is a new to me deck, so I thought this week would be a perfect opportunity for me to have a look at it and see what it's like to read with. It's described as Oracle Cards for Ancestral Wisdom and Guidance, The Truth Seeker's Guide, and has a book with it that has the card meanings, a description of how to use the deck, along with spreads that can be used and how to work with our ancestors.

The card I've drawn today is the Lady of Life, one of the Divine Ancestors cards (there are also Clan cards in the deck). This card encourages us to look at several aspects of our lives; namely how we can be productive and best use our gifts, our health and the relationships we have with other people. Looking at the card it appears to be Winter, with bare trees and a robin red breast sitting in a branch above the bowl with the Lady of Life on it. Even in the depths of Winter there is life, even if we can't see it. Some of it is more obvious (the robin) than others (the trees may look lifeless, but the leaves and flowers will come back again in the spring). We need to look at our lives- if we feel we're lacking in any aspect then it can be possible for us to do something about it and make improvements. We can work hard, do our best in our chosen professions or look for ways in which we can use our hobbies or skills to provide for us in some ways. It's up to us to look after our basic health in any way we can. There is usually something we can do to help improve our fitness, so that any extra help we may need or get from the Doctors can work to it's maximum potential. Finally, how do we treat other people? Do we act in a way we would want them to act towards us? Do we only help others if there's something in it for ourselves, or do we do it because we care and want to do the right thing? The more we give unconditionally, the more we'll reap in return. The Lady of Life certainly brings a lot to the table for us to think about today as we begin a new week.


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4 of Pentacles, The Fool, Chevalier of Wands and Chevalier of Cups.

Posted on 30 June, 2017 at 4:35 Comments comments (0)

I drew 3 cards for us again today, but a fourth decided it wanted to come out too. So, today's cards are the 4 of Pentacles, The Fool (one of several in this deck), the Chevalier of Wands (often called the Knight of Wands) and the Chevalier of Cups.

The cards look as though they're telling us a story today; from the peaceful serenity of the 4 of Pentacles, moving on to a new adventure with the Fool leaping into the unknown, then the soldier type appearance of the Chevalier of Wands scouting out the landscape before finishing with the party loving Chevalier of Cups, though even she needs a rest at the end of the day. These cards are encouraging us to make the most of the opportunities that come out way today, but to also be sensible and careful with our actions and decisions so we don't do anything too extreme or that we may regret at a later date. Even the Fool, jumping off the top of a building, has butterfly wings to support her and help keep her up (it's hard to see this from the photo, but some of these cards have an extra dimension to them that you can only see when you hold them in the light). We can't stay in our safe cocoons forever, preferring our comfort zones to the unknown that's outside in the big wide world, but we can have a think about what we'd like to do or try and go out there and see what we can achieve in a way that we feel comfortable with. We just need to remember not to go over the top and to make sure we have a rest and recharge our batteries so we can go out there and enjoy it all some more again at a later date.


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10 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles and 4 of Wands.

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The 10 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles and 4 of Wands are today's cards from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. There is only one figure on each of these cards today, making me feel this is an “alone” sort of day when many of us will prefer our own company and want to be doing our own thing with as little outside interference as possible. This isn't to say we won't be working hard or putting a lot of effort into whatever we're doing- we have two pentacles cards to ensure we're busy- but we won't necessarily be “team players” today. Some days are just like this, we just want to get our heads down and get on with what needs to be done but without any outside interference or disturbances. The 4 of Wands after the two Pentacles cards also has a lonely feel to it. Maybe lonely is the wrong word as I think the woman in the card is probably fairly happy being alone, for the time being at least. Much as it can look as though she's in a room with a barred window where she's a prisoner, it could also be that she's in there by choice and is keeping the rest of the world away from her until it suits her to go back out there and integrate with it again. This time away from the crowds gives us time to mull over our lives and contemplate what's going on. It can help us to decide our next move, how we want to proceed from here and what we want to do next. Quiet times with our thoughts are good for us to touch base with ourselves every so often to help us check we're heading in the direction we want to be going in and to reassess what we want out of life. Have a lovely day with yourself :)


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Death, The Tower and The Hanged Man.

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Today's cards from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn are all from the Major Arcana section of the deck- Death, The Tower and the Hanged Man (Untitled in this deck).

Starting with Death, the Death card is usually about change in our lives rather than actual death (though of course this could be the case sometimes), and that it's related to the death of one part of our lives to make way for a new one to come in. In this card you can see the main figure jumping over a scythe to symbolise this (a bit like the couple jumping over a broom/besom in a Pagan Handfasting- leaving their old single lives behind, ready to embark on married life together). Rather than allowing change or events to happen to us that we then react to, this Death card makes me think of a more pro-active approach in that we can decide what areas of our lives are no longer serving us very well, so we can decide what needs to be cut out of them. What needs to die in our lives in order for better things to live and flourish?

The Tower is quite a dramatic looking card in most decks, and in this one it's based on the Twin Towers of 9/11. It seems more poignant to me because of watching the events as they unfolded at the time on TV, and knowing that many people were in this situation, and then there's the relevance and connection to the fire at the tower block in London last week. I can't even imagine what must have been going through people's minds when they were in these awful situations. How can we put a positive spin in this card? The main thing I can think of is that when these out of the blue events happen they tend to show the worst and best of humanity. The worst because of how they came about, and the best because of how people rally round and want to help others. When we come across situations in our lives that we have no control over, we need to remember that we do have control over how we react and what we do to help other people.

The final card shows a woman in a tight cocoon with a bubble around her head, hanging from a post, with a raven perched on an axe watching her (Funny, I had a raven in my dreams last night). This doesn't appear to be a very hopeful Hanged Man card as the raven looks to be waiting for the woman to give up so it can tuck in, but then the nearby axe suggests someone could come back and use it to let her down, or has it been left there to affect her psychologically and they have no intention of returning? So many questions and so few answers! Maybe that's the point of this card and its message to us? It can feel frustrating, even painful, and that we're in limbo waiting for everything to fall into place, but in time it will one way or another. Our approach and reaction to the situation helps to govern whether the outcome is good and beneficial to us or not, so we need to try and take the hopeful, optimistic approach rather than giving up and allowing the raven eat our eyeballs.

Change, dealing with unexpected events and waiting around....not the most appealing cards at first glance, but they have lessons for us to learn and hopefully in the long run we'll be able to look back and understand why this was something we needed to go through.


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