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The Knight of Pentacles and the Priestess.

Posted on 23 February, 2018 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

The final cards of the week for us from the Dark Fairytale Tarot are the Knight of Pentacles and The Priestess. There is a stark difference between the two cards as the Knight is full or energy and movement and looks to have been victorious in his efforts, whereas the Priestess is stationary and static and looks to be contemplating issues to the extent that even if she has been successful in her endeavours, it doesn't always mean there's a happy ending.

The message for us is that being right, winning or getting our desired results can sometimes have consequences that are less satisfying than we hoped they would be, or not quite what we were expecting. It could be a case of deciding whether to do something because we know it's the right thing, even though the results for ourselves or others involved could be difficult. Using our integrity is important, but not always easy or pain-free, and winning also has costs to pay in one way or another, even if it's not apparent at the time of our victory. There is no easy answer, or right or wrong way forwards, all we can do is our best with the information we have for the situation we're in. This is something I've struggled with on many occasions, and I'm certain I will again in the future. Having knowledge can be useful and bring about good results, but can also have undesired consequences or be destructive in the wrong hands. Working hard to achieve our goals can give us the life we want, but we could also hurt others on our quest if we're too single minded or blind to the events around us. Tricky times, but if we act in the best interests of ourselves and those we love we have as good a chance as anyone else of doing a good job and being successful in our endeavours.


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The Queen of Cups and the Ace of Swords.

Posted on 22 February, 2018 at 3:15 Comments comments (0)

Today's cards for us from the Dark Fairytale Tarot are the Queen of Cups and the Ace of Swords. In many ways these cards are quite different as Cups are the suits of emotions and love, whereas Swords are the suit of logic and thoughts, however bringing them together can help us to remember that there are two sides to every story, how we need to temper our logic with compassion, and that looking to be emotionally fulfilled can fail if we don't have the ideas to back up our hopes and dreams. The Queen in this card looks self-assured and confident; she knows what she wants and has a fair idea of how to achieve it (if she hasn't already done so), but she's sensible enough to realise that she can't do everything by herself and things won't just “fall into place” without any other input from herself or others, and so the Ace of Swords is the extra spark or inspiration she can draw on. Relating this to ourselves, this means we need to look for the potential in the situations we're in, try and see what we can do to help make us happy in the long term. Rather than rushing in to situations that look perfect for us too fast there's no harm in thinking things through first, seeing all the possibilities and options that could become available over time, and then making a choice that can hopefully serve us well in the long term. Conversely, we don't want to get stuck in our ways, never moving forwards or trying new things, so getting the balance right in our lives can help make them more enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling for ourselves. It's time to try and see the potential that's out there for us to make use of in a positive way :)


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The Magician and the 10 of Pentacles.

Posted on 21 February, 2018 at 3:50 Comments comments (0)

The cards from the Dark Fairytale Tarot have similar colourings again today. This time they're The Magician and the 10 of Pentacles. The Magician relates to skills and knowledge and being able to utilise them and put them into practice, and the 10 of Pentacles is about material gains and wealth. Drawing theses two cards together can be good news for us if we listen to their message, especially as the 10 of Pentacles is following on from The Magician. If we want to make any headway or move forwards we need to make sure we use the talents we have, the skills we've honed and the hours of work and practice we've put in to our chosen pursuits. We have the ability to do it, now we need to believe in ourselves, be confident and show the world what we're capable of. We have the tools needed at our disposal, so it's time for us to pick them up, use them and make a profitable and satisfying future for ourselves. If we never try we'll never know what we may have been able to achieve.


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The Fool and the 3 of Cups.

Posted on 20 February, 2018 at 3:20 Comments comments (0)

Today's cards from the Dark Fairytale Tarot are The Fool, showing a woman in a mask either starting or ending her journey depending how you look at her, and the 3 of Cups, showing 3 people celebrating an event in their lives. The two cards have a similar colour palette, may be set in the same or a similar place from looking at the buildings, and both appear to encourage movement and activity rather than sitting around and waiting for things to happen to us. Is there a project we could be starting or continuing with, a plan we've wanted to see put into action for some time but have been hesitating over, or is there something we want to encourage into our lives that has the potential to make us happy? These cards are nudging us in this direction, helping us to have the courage to get out there and do the things that make us happy and that can be fulfilling. It can feel scary at first, and there may be some risks involved so we do need to be careful and evaluate matters before diving in blindly, but there is also the chance of success, happiness and celebrations if we manage to be successful and see our dreams come to life


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The 2 of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands.

Posted on 19 February, 2018 at 6:00 Comments comments (0)

Sorry for not being around much the past week or so, but hopefully I'll be on-line much more again from now. I've chosen the deck Chris gave me for my last birthday to use this week, namely the Dark Fairytale Tarot, and the cards I've drawn for us today are the 2 of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands.

The 2 of Pentacles shows a woman juggling with fiery pentacles, keeping them up in the air and coping with her situation, but knowing that things could go wrong quite quickly if she takes her attention off them for any amount of time. The Ace of Wands shows a woman's hands reaching out to hold a staff, maybe to steady herself or possibly to help her feel more balanced and sure of herself. The message for us today is to try and grab hold of and keep control over things in our lives that could spiral out of control if we take our eyes off them for too long. It's easy to just let events play out with little input from ourselves as we're busy dealing with other issues, but how long will it then be until situations have built up to the point where we need to do something urgently about them to try and prevent or minimise problems? It could be we need to simplify our lives so we have less on our plates, prioritise the jobs that need doing (ensuring they do all get our attention at some point and none are left to coast), or to just get strict with ourselves and limit what we take on in the first place. However we decide to approach this, it's important that we're decisive and pro-active if we want to make the most headway and get the most out of the situation we're in.


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The Emperor and the 7 of Pentacles.

Posted on 8 February, 2018 at 3:35 Comments comments (0)

The Emperor and the 7 of Pentacles are today's cards from the Tarot of the Trees. The Emperor shows a large, strong oak tree towering above the younger and smaller trees. It looks sturdy, solid and as though it's been part of the landscape forever. The tree in the 7 of Pentacles is part of a wintry, snowy scene, with its branches bare of leaves, but holding 7 large pentacles instead.

The Emperor relates to authority, being in charge and having power. Stability, rules and regulations are represented by this card, and depending on how we feel about these things or the situations we're in it can be either a hindrance or a help. The 7 of Pentacles, however, shows that we don't have to stay in this static situation and that there are other options available to us, though where they could lead us in time isn't really known yet, so there is a risk in changing our paths if we chose to do so. Basically, these cards are showing us we could stay with the status quo, carry on as we are, following the path we're already on and be pretty certain of the events that are likely to come our way over time, or we could look at the alternatives and see what else may be available to us. If we change direction the path forwards is likely to feel more scary, but it can also be exciting, and as long as we've done our research before embarking on it we can try and minimise some of the problems or issues that could arise. The most important thing will be to make the decision ourselves, to not feel pressured or bullied into any option, and to try and enjoy the way forwards, making the most of the opportunities available to us on our journey.


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The 10 of Cups and the Page of Wands.

Posted on 7 February, 2018 at 6:30 Comments comments (0)

The 10 of Cups and the Page of Wands are the cards with a message for us today from the Tarot of the Trees. Again, these cards seem quite personal to my circumstances today, though in a more light hearted and less serious way than yesterday's. The 10 of Cups is about enjoying life, taking pleasure in the simple things and enjoying the company of friends and family. The Page of Wands relates to being young at heart, creative, energetic and carefree.

Today we've had a second consecutive day of snow. A lot of it melted yesterday, but much more fell overnight and this morning, to the extent that the local schools are shut, buses have been cancelled and our plans have changed due to the weather. This means that we're all at home today, enjoying being together and having fun because work and college can be forgotten about for a few hours. The children are outside having fun, making snowmen, igloos and snow angels, and Chris and I are keeping warm indoors drinking cups of tea. It's not a bad life at times!

These cards remind us it's ok to take some time out and have fun. We can't be serious all the time or we'd be neglecting a part of ourselves. Sometimes we need to rediscover the joy of doing simple, fun things and being able to laugh and smile again :)


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The 6 of Cups and The Tower.

Posted on 6 February, 2018 at 4:25 Comments comments (0)

The 6 of Cups and the Tower are today's cards from Dana Driscoll's Tarot of the Trees. The suit of Cups relates to Spring, and the 6 of Cups is about reminiscing and thinking back to good times we've had. The cups in the tree are overflowing, representing good memories, positive experiences and the innocence of childhood. The Tower, looks to be darker and has a more menacing and destructive presence. This is about raging storms, the tearing apart of current situations, and the crumbling of institutions that appeared to be strong and reliable. On the positive side, a tree is growing from the base of the disintegrating tower, showing that not everything about this is bad and that good can be taken from the evolving situation and grow into something even better in time.

This is very relevant to me today; This morning I was looking at some pictures from a few years ago when things appeared to be clear and straightforward in our lives. Everything was ticking along nicely, and for the most part we didn't realise there were any problems bubbling away below the surface. Fast forward a few years and so much is now different. There has been a massive shift regarding what is important to us as a family and the way we approach our daily lives. Our priorities have changed, we've gone through some traumatic times, but we're still a strong family unit and will do whatever we can to help and protect each other. We're moving forward in a different way to the one we envisioned all those years ago, but we're coping, and though it's taking time, we're seeing things starting to fall into place and settle again to some extent.

The message for us is that whatever our plans, hopes or dreams are, we need to be able to adapt and change when necessary to get the most out of our lives. We can look back and remember how things were and yearn to return to this again, but that won't bring back “the good old days,” and they probably weren't really all as good as we remember anyway (we often tend to forget about the bad bits). We can appreciate the past and remember it fondly, but we can't live there. We need to take the best of our current situation and mould it to work for us in whatever way we can. It's time to believe we can survive the storm and rebuild things even better as we move forwards in our lives.


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The 6 of Pentacles and the Ace of Swords.

Posted on 5 February, 2018 at 4:25 Comments comments (0)

This week's deck is the unusual Tarot of the Trees by Dana Driscoll. In this deck there are no people, just trees, but it works extremely well nonetheless. Each suit has a different colour and there are other characteristics, such as animals, seasons and the landscape, that help to convey the card's message to us.

The cards I've drawn for us today are the 6 of Pentacles and the Ace of Swords. The 6 of Pentacles (with Pentacles relating to Winter) shows squirrels picking the pentacles off the tree and taking them away to hide, ready to use another day. The Ace of Swords (with Swords relating to Autumn) shows a sword standing upright in front of a large, tall tree, it's point reaching to the sky.

There is duality in both of these cards; the giving (of the tree) and receiving (the squirrels) in the 6 of Pentacles, plus the knowledge that swords can be used both to attack and defend in the Ace of Swords. There are flip sides to many of our actions, thoughts and words, and if we mean well we can do good, but if we don't really think things through or are flippant we can hurt others or cause harm. These cards are reminding us that we could be on either side of this situation; we could be the person with plenty to share out to others or the one who needs the extra help, we could be the person who is helpful with advice or the one who is careless with words and upsets others. Sometimes it's worth stopping to think about the situation we're in, to look and see if there is anything we can do or say to help the people we know, or if there's an issue that needs our attention so we can fight to try and make it come about. If we suspect we're the one causing problems this gives us a chance to remedy the situation and see if we can change our habits, and if we need help from others it's reminding us that we needn't feel shy or awkward asking for it as help, advice and resources are out there for us if we look.


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The Magician, the 6 of Cups and the King of Cups.

Posted on 2 February, 2018 at 4:20 Comments comments (0)

The final cards of the week for us from the Transparent Tarot are The Magician, the 6 of Cups and the King of Cups. The Magician is depicted by two intertwined dragons, one white and one red, the 6 of Cups in the top left shows a child and adult sharing a drink with other cups surrounding them, and the King of Cups is facing to the right and holding a large chalice in the centre of the card.

The Magician reminds us that we have the tools at our disposal to do the jobs we want and need to do. We need to bring together our knowledge and experiences and put then into action. The 6 of Cups relates to sharing memories, looking to happy times from the past and generally enjoying life with the people we love, and the King of Cups is amplifying this feeling and reminding us that we need to show compassion and care towards others.

Reading these cards together, this is about making the most of the good times, the things we enjoy and want to do, as we're likely to get good results from them and they'll help us to feel satisfied and fulfilled. There appears to be a bit of a recurring theme recently, namely that if we do something because it appeals to us in some way we're likely to do a better job of it and have better results from it in the long term than doing something because it's expected of us. There is a time and place for doing our duty, and certain things have to be done whether we like it or not, but many of us have more choices and options available than we may at first realise. It can be hard to spot these at first, to be able to see life in a different, more alternative way, but it is possible if we want to bring more happiness, fun and excitement into our lives, so lets get started :)


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The 9 of Wands, Knight of Cups and The Fool.

Posted on 1 February, 2018 at 4:40 Comments comments (0)

We have two repeating cards today, the 9 of Wands and the Fool, along with the Knight of Cups from the amazing Transparent Tarot. Laying the cards one on top of the other the triumphant figure from the 9 of Wands stands firm, looking out of the card, with the rest of their wands standing in the ground like a fence behind them, while the Knight of Cups and the butterfly that represents The Fool are both facing to the left of the card, the Fool rising slightly about the Knight's head.

The Fool relates to new starts, taking risks and wanting to make the potential of a situation come about, the Knight of Cups is idealistic, wanting love and romance and sees the best in the situation he's in, and the 9 of Wands is about being victorious after a hard won battle, but knowing that this peace needs to be worked on and looked after to keep it maintained into the long term.

Reading these cards together, the message for us is about working hard to make our dreams come true. Our plans may appear to be foolish to others, and they may say we should follow our heads rather than our hearts, but if we're not fully immersed in a situation because we like it we could be setting ourselves up to fail in the long term. How many people have gone into a career because they were told it would be the sensible thing to do, but regretted it at a later date, or taken a job in an area they don't really like? It's not always possible to do everything we want to do and only pick things that appeal to us, but if we make a conscious effort to at least see if there are other options available to us and have a go at trying things just because we want to, at the very least it can help to make our lives more enjoyable.


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The Emperor, The World and the 7 of Cups.

Posted on 31 January, 2018 at 5:00 Comments comments (0)

The Emperor, The World and the 7 of Cups are our cards today from the unique Transparent Tarot. I've layered them on top of each other again today to give one composite picture. The Emperor is the city scene sprawling across the width of the cards, showing his masculine and organised nature, The World is depicted by a colourful spiral swirling in the centre, and you can see the man from the 7 of Cups leaning against the right side of the card with chalices appearing to float in the air in front of him.

The man from the 7 of Cups is trying to make a decision. He's come to the end of a chapter in his life and wants to move on to something new, but what? Does he follow the rules and go down the path that's expected of him, of does he try something new and totally unexpected of him? The options available to us can be overwhelming at times, as is the advice we receive from the people around us. What suits one person and works well for them could be terrible for someone else, so we need to think these things through carefully before making any firm commitments. On the other hand it's not good to dither too long before making a choice either or we could miss out altogether. This is reminding us to try and follow our own paths wherever possible, to act in our own best interests, and to try not too take too long to pull ourselves into gear and get going once we've made up our minds. There's a whole new world out there for us to explore, and there's no time like the present to start on our adventures.


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The 7 of Pentacles, 3 of Wands and The Fool.

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 4:45 Comments comments (0)

I've laid out the cards I've drawn from the Transparent Tarot in a different way today. This time they are slightly overlapping each other from left to right, and the cards I've drawn for us are the 7 of Pentacles, the 3 of Wands (again) and the Fool.

The figure from the 7 of Pentacles and the Butterfly on the Fool card are either side of the triumphant figures in the 3 of Wands, both looking towards them. The 7 of Pentacles relates to hard work and efforts paying off over time, like the fruits of our labours becoming reality after a long period of hard work. The Fool relates to the potential we have, and the inspiration we can use to try and make the seemingly foolish plans and ideas we may be thinking about come about. They may look risky at first glance, but there is the chance we can make them happen if we want to give it a go. The hard worker of the 7 of Pentacles and the delicate butterfly of the Fool are showing us that no matter how obscure these dreams we have may seem at first, over time we can work towards making them come into our lives in some way. It may not all play out quite the way we thought or originally envisaged it would, but hopefully it'll work out in a way that suits us, is unique to our situation and that will make us happy so we'll be in a position where we can celebrate our achievements for a long time to come.


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9 of Wands, 3 of Wands and 5 of Pentacles.

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I'm using the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding this week. I absolutely love this deck, but haven't had it out for a while, so here it is again. The cards I've drawn for today are the 9 of Wands, the 3 of Wands and the 5 of Pentacles. I've put two photos up to show the cards; one with them laying side by side as I drew them, and one with all three cards places one on top of the other to make a composite picture. You can use these cards and lay them out so many ways due to the way they're made; the beauty is there is no right or wrong way, just the way that suits the person using them.

With the cards laid on top of each other, you can see the figures in the 3 of Wands above the one from the 9 of Wands, with the person from the 5 of Pentacles crouching down in the corner. Working from the bottom up, the 5 of Pentacles relates to hard times, a lack or money or material items, and generally not being able to have what we'd ideally like to in our lives. The 9 of Wands relates to success and victory, but this is a hard won victory as it's not been easy to achieve, though it's one that we can be proud of nevertheless. Finally, the 3 of Wands, rising above the others, shows teamwork, collaboration and continued success in our endeavours if we put in the time, effort and energy the situation we're in requires.

Reading these cards together it shows that even though we may be struggling at the moment, this isn't a permanent situation. This time of year is hard for many (bills that need to be paid after Christmas, lack of work, particularity for seasonal jobs, and just the weather and lack of sunlight can bring us down and stop us seeing the good in any situations we're in), but if we can view this as one of the cycles of life we're going though it can help us get through this period and look towards better times ahead coming to us. As long as we continue to strive towards our goals, trying to make life go our way and not giving up completely, despite any setbacks, it shouldn't be long until we start to see positive results. It's time to encourage our creativity and enthusiasm and see what good we can do with our lives.


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The Lovers and the King of Wands.

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The Lovers and the King of Wands are the final cards of the week for us from the Housewives Tarot. The Lovers represents, as well as the obvious :) , that long term relationships of any kind involve compromise, complications, choices, responsibilities and repercussions. We need to see past the initial attraction or infatuation for a situation or person and look to the longer term and how this could play out over time. The King of Wands works hard to get the results he wants. He has lots of ideas he wants to make happen, and so this relates to getting on with the job in hand, taking charge of a situation and encouraging others in their journeys too.

Reading these cards together it's all about working hard and as a team with those close to us to get our desired results in the long term. We can get help from other people if we need it; they're there ready, willing and able to help us on our way, especially in areas where they may have more expertise than we do ourselves. The people in all the cards are smiling, so even if we have a lot on our plates and it'll be a struggle to get everything we need to do done, it can be possible to accomplish more than we realise we're capable of and to get some good results along the way.


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The 2 of Swords and the 2 of Wands.

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This really is the deck that keeps on giving as today's cards from The Housewives Tarot are the 2 of Swords and the 2 of Wands, so two twos and both of them again look quite similar to each other. The 2 of Swords relates to conflict, differing views and the need to make a decision before being able to move forward, and the 2 of Wands is about being at a crossroads and needing to make choices and decisions.

The woman in the 2 of Swords has a blindfold on, so she can't see everything going on around her, hopefully meaning there are less distractions to help her come to the right conclusion about the situation she's in. Sometimes being impartial is the right thing to, and other times you have no choice but to make a choice one way or the other. This card is particularly reminding us to take our time when we're in this position and to remember that at times odd combinations can be the ones than work best (such as sweet sauce with a savoury meat).

The woman in the 2 of Wands is looking out of the card at us, holding a broom and mop with two sets of hands. She looks overworked and hard done by, the sort of person who has endured a lot and who feel their work is never done. She represents a situation that can't continue in its current form; she has to make a decision one way or another as if she carries on as she is she'll be no good to anyone if she's over worked and exhausted. Should she sweep, or should she mop the floor? Its time to decide whether to stay on our current course or to change direction.

Reading these two cards together, they are both encouraging us to examine the position we're in and to see if there are better alternatives for us. Can we move forwards in life in a way that gets things done but is also beneficial to us rather than draining our energy or over working us? Hopefully these cards can give us food for thought and help us in this area to make the best decisions possible.


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The Hermit and The Tower.

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Again, we have two cards with similarities from the Housewives Tarot today (and both from the Major Arcana), namely The Hermit and The Tower. Both cards have just one figure in them (a woman) and both of them are immersed in something else; in the case of The Hermit she's happy in her bath, and in The Tower she's part of a towering cake or jelly, though this woman looks to be more stuck than being there by choice.

The Hermit is encouraging us to take some time out for ourselves to relax and recharge our batteries. This could be in the form of a long soak in the bath, going for a walk, or doing a hobby, basically whatever suits us best and can make us feel happy and refreshed. During this time, especially if we're able to spend some of it by ourselves, we can do some soul searching, think about issues that need dealing with in a calm way, do some meditation or just sleep if that's going to be the best thing for us. The Tower, on the other hand, feels more restrictive as the woman in that card isn't able to move as easily as the one in The Hermit card. This is more about repression, feeling stuck, or having a strong desire to break out of the situation we're in.

Reading these cards together, do we want to be like The Hermit or The Tower? If we're currently feeling more like The Tower but want to get to where The Hermit is can we do anything about it? If this is the case we need to try and break down the things that are holding us back and making us feel stuck. It's time to clear the way, to break free of the mold and see what else life can offer us. This is something we can (or probably “need” really) to do ourselves- we can't expect someone else to do this for us. If we want change in our lives, if we want to move on, tocarve out a better life or find our way we need to do the groundwork and preparation ourselves, then we'll be in a much better position to be able to see things are they really are and strive for improvements in our lives.


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The 3 of Cups and the 7 of Swords.

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The cards for us from the Housewives Tarot today are the 3 of cups and the 7 of Swords. Much as the overall picture and feel of these cards appears to be very different to each other, it strikes me again how similar they are at first glance. The two raised glasses in the 3 of Cups are in a similar position to the two knives being held by the woman in the 7 of Swords, linking them in some way.

The 3 of Cups is about creation, change and celebration. The drinks from the two raised glasses are being poured into the one below, so making a new drink out of the two separate ones being poured into it. With the baby flying around it's clear that this could be related to a pregnancy or birth, but there are other matters this can relate to too, such as the creation of a new plan or project, the start of a new friendship or just generally celebrating success, achievements and having fun.

The 7 of Swords is much less happy looking; instead you get the feeling that the women at the bottom of the card are gossiping, and the one at the top may be about to stab them in the back, or put the knife in, so to speak, in some way. Whatever the situation is, it looks toxic to say the least, and certainly not something most people would want to be involved in.

Combining these cards and reading them together, this is likely to be about someone being jealous of us and what we've managed to achieve in an area of our lives. Even though most people will be happy and proud of us and what we've done (especially taking into account what we've had to do to get to this position), there is often someone who doesn't agree and who will go out of their way to stir or make life difficult for no obvious reason. We could take notice of them and let their bad attitude affect us negatively, or we can try and ignore them and manoeuvrer them out of our lives, or at least to the extent that we don't have much contact with them any more. It's much better to concentrate on the good in life than the bad, and leave the gossips to themselves.


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The 8 of Swords and the 10 of Wands.

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I thought I'd have some fun with the Housewives Tarot this week, and I've drawn two cards for us; The 8 of Words (which was also a “jumper” while I was shuffling, so really wants the message to be heard) and the10 of Wands. Both of these cards have quite similar appearances, with lots going on, appearing to be quite chaotic (certainly not relaxing or soothing to look at) and with the womaen in the cards not looking too pleased with the situations they're in.

The 8 of Swords is about feeling stuck or restricted. The situation may look dire to begin with, but there is usually some way out of it if it's looked at and studied more carefully. The 10 of Wands relates to feeling burdened and being weary, generally feeling that everything is piling up and it's a struggle to deal with it all. As this follows the trapped feeling of the 8 of Swords, this is telling us that if we're in a difficult situation that we're finding hard to deal with or to extricate ourselves from, this could be partly because we can't see the whole picture very clearly due to other issues in our lives that are crowding us and pulling at us. If we're feeling pulled in several different directions, not only does it tire us out, but it also means we have less time and energy to apply to any one situation in particular, and so rather than being able to clear matters up one at a time, we can end up feeling as though we're drowning in them all as they grow. This is a good reminder to take stock of the situation, to deal with one thing at a time and to be organised and consistent in order to get our lives back on track and be more manageable again. It may look to be a daunting task at first, but by breaking it up into smaller pieces it'll be much more manageable and give us a greater chance of success in the long term.


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Watchtower of the South.

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After yesterday's Watchtower of the North, today we have the opposite, the Watchtower of the South, with the Keyword Summer, from the Witches' Wisdom Oracle. The element of fire is related to summer, with the associations of passion, energy and desire. This can help give us the drive to put our plans and ideas into action, to see the fruits of our labours come to fruition and it reminds us to rejoice and enjoy what we've managed to accomplish so far. This relates to growth and rewards after a barren or slow time where we've wondered if we're doing the right thing or not, or been frustrated at the length of time things are taking to come about. We can not only start to see it coming together now, but also taking shape much faster than we anticipated it would. It's time for us to enjoy ourselves, to be happy with our lives and strive to attract more of the same into our lives wherever we can.


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