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Fair, Brown and Trembling.

Posted on 19 June, 2017 at 5:25

I'm using a brand new to me deck this week. I saw it a while back but didn't get it, then I saw a friend selling it last week so of course I couldn't resist. This is the Faerytale Oracle by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. The artwork is in her trademark style- sad looking girls with large eyes- and each card depicts a scene from a Fairy Tale of Folk Story, a bit like the Whimsical Tarot I was using a few weeks ago. I think those two decks would work well together- that's something I'll have to try in the future. I don't know all the Fairy tales that the pictures are from, but the accompanying book gives a short version of each tale, or at least the part that's relevant to the picture on the card.

Today's card is Fair, Brown and Trembling. This is one of stories I'm not familiar with so I had a read of the story excerpt in the book. In case you don't know the story either, it's about 3 sisters (Irish King's daughter's) named Fair, Brown and Trembling. Fair and Brown are encouraged to wear pretty dresses, meet people, go to church, and are generally spoilt, while Trembling is shy and nervous and the others make fun of her because of this, she is kept at home to cook and clean, and much as she is beautiful, no-one tells her (sounds similar to Cinderella I think). She receives a visit from an old crone who magically makes her a lovely dress of her choosing and a horse too ride, but tells her not to go into the church.

There relevance of the story to the message for us is that whatever is going on in our lives, we still have the power to manifest and create what we want and need. We don't need to live by other people's standards or live they way they think we should. If we want to walk our own path, then we can. It can be very scary, and taking the first step is always the hardest, but if we put our minds to it we can make moves in the right direction. How we think and act can help to draw similar things to us, so if we're actively trying to make improvements in our lives we can encourage more good fortune to come our way, but it can work in reverse too if we act and think negatively. Also, this encourages us to break away from tradition (as Trembling wasn't to go into the church) and reminds us that there are more than one way of doing things and tackling the issues in our lives.


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