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The Princess Who Never Smiled.

Posted on 20 June, 2017 at 5:05

Today's card for us today from the Faerytale Oracle is The Princess who never smiled. This is again a story I'm not familiar with, so a quick re-cap: A princess is so sensitive she feels the pain of the world and never smiles. Her father promises that whoever can make her laugh would become her husband, but all those who tried were only in it for the reward and she could see through this and so still didn't laugh or smile. Elsewhere in the kingdom there was a trainee blacksmith who worked hard and was modest in that he knew he had a lot to learn to become an expert in his trade. He went to explore the world and along the way help 3 animals, giving them all the money he had. When he reached the castle where the princess lived he looked up and saw her at the window. He slipped and fell into the moat, and then the 3 animal he had previously helped came to save him. The princess watched this and smiled, then laughed as it was such an unusual situation and she realised what he must have done for them to come to his aid. She was able to see his heart was kind and that he had created happiness in her when her heart had been so sad.

The message for us from this card is that no matter how dire our situations are, at some point they will come to an end, and probably in quite an unexpected way. We can look forward to optimism returning and flat feelings leaving us. Sad times leave their mark on us, and it's good to have something better to look forward to and to try and help us leave our unhappiness behind. There are some sad, upsetting and just plain frustrating things happening in my life at the moment. Not as big a problem or as devastating as they could be and I'm sure that compared to other people's issues they could be seen as being trivial, but I could do without them nonetheless, so I'm hoping this card will ring true for me in the near future. I hope it does for our readers too :)


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