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Posted on 22 June, 2017 at 3:20

This will be my final card of the week I'm afraid as I won't have internet tomorrow, but I'll be back next week :) Today's card is Gretel from the Faerytale Oracle, from the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. In the story, while they were at the witch's house Hansel had been locked up and the witch planned to get Gretel into the oven so she could cook her. Instead, Gretel managed to trick the witch by asking her to demonstrate how to get in there, and then Gretel pushed the witch in and locked the oven door. Gretel had to act by herself with no back up or anyone else to rely on. Even in difficult circumstances she managed to work out a plan to save them both and live to see another day. This is the message for us to take from our card today; even when we feel that everything is conspiring against us and there seems to be no way out of our troubles or situation, keeping a calm head and not giving up will mean that whatever happens in the long run, we'll know that we did our best, and hopefully we may even have been able to change the situation and make it better for ourselves. Even small changes or acts of bravery here and there can mount up and have much bigger effects on our lives over time. They may not seem to be much when we do them, but we should be able to reap the rewards further down the line, so we need to try not to dismiss the little things we can do to help ourselves; we'll be grateful we did them in the long run.


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