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Death, The Tower and The Hanged Man.

Posted on 28 June, 2017 at 4:10

Today's cards from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn are all from the Major Arcana section of the deck- Death, The Tower and the Hanged Man (Untitled in this deck).

Starting with Death, the Death card is usually about change in our lives rather than actual death (though of course this could be the case sometimes), and that it's related to the death of one part of our lives to make way for a new one to come in. In this card you can see the main figure jumping over a scythe to symbolise this (a bit like the couple jumping over a broom/besom in a Pagan Handfasting- leaving their old single lives behind, ready to embark on married life together). Rather than allowing change or events to happen to us that we then react to, this Death card makes me think of a more pro-active approach in that we can decide what areas of our lives are no longer serving us very well, so we can decide what needs to be cut out of them. What needs to die in our lives in order for better things to live and flourish?

The Tower is quite a dramatic looking card in most decks, and in this one it's based on the Twin Towers of 9/11. It seems more poignant to me because of watching the events as they unfolded at the time on TV, and knowing that many people were in this situation, and then there's the relevance and connection to the fire at the tower block in London last week. I can't even imagine what must have been going through people's minds when they were in these awful situations. How can we put a positive spin in this card? The main thing I can think of is that when these out of the blue events happen they tend to show the worst and best of humanity. The worst because of how they came about, and the best because of how people rally round and want to help others. When we come across situations in our lives that we have no control over, we need to remember that we do have control over how we react and what we do to help other people.

The final card shows a woman in a tight cocoon with a bubble around her head, hanging from a post, with a raven perched on an axe watching her (Funny, I had a raven in my dreams last night). This doesn't appear to be a very hopeful Hanged Man card as the raven looks to be waiting for the woman to give up so it can tuck in, but then the nearby axe suggests someone could come back and use it to let her down, or has it been left there to affect her psychologically and they have no intention of returning? So many questions and so few answers! Maybe that's the point of this card and its message to us? It can feel frustrating, even painful, and that we're in limbo waiting for everything to fall into place, but in time it will one way or another. Our approach and reaction to the situation helps to govern whether the outcome is good and beneficial to us or not, so we need to try and take the hopeful, optimistic approach rather than giving up and allowing the raven eat our eyeballs.

Change, dealing with unexpected events and waiting around....not the most appealing cards at first glance, but they have lessons for us to learn and hopefully in the long run we'll be able to look back and understand why this was something we needed to go through.


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