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The Prophet.

Posted on 6 July, 2017 at 3:15

The Prophet from the Clan of Wisdom is today's card from the Celtic Wisdom Oracle. The Clan of Wisdom in this deck relates to wisdom, visions and spirit. They are the ones who keep the Clan's memory and knowledge alive and remember the Clan's ancestral rituals so they can be passed on to future generations. The man in the picture is using his third eye, listening to his intuition and using Ogham sticks to divine with- all tools he uses to enhance his prophecies and knowledge.

The message from this for us is to follow his example. How often do we dismiss our gut feelings and regret it at a later date? Sometimes we may just “know” things without any explanation, but because it's not logical we tend to not trust this knowledge and may not act on it, when if we had it could have been used to our advantage. The more we practice in these areas (divination, Tarot, pendulum, opening our third eye, meditating, etc.) the better we'll become at doing them and the more we'll be able to trust the results we get from these methods. It's time to build our confidence with these and listen to our intuition more. We need to trust ourselves, our inner voice, see if we can make improvements in our lives based on our own advice. Often, we'll ignore the signs around us as they don't make sense to us at that moment, but in time it's very likely we'll keep getting the same messages and symbols coming into our lives until we take notice and act on then information. Then we'll be able to see how it's all connected, what it all meant and possibly how we could have listened and acted on it earlier.


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