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The Oak Men.

Posted on 10 July, 2017 at 5:55

I've gone back to one of my earliest and much loved Oracle decks this week; The Faeires Oracle by Brian Froud. Today's card is The Oak Men and it shows faces in the trees on the card, or are they creatures that look like trees? The joy of tarot and oracle decks is that different aspects of the pictures can be noticed or seen differently each time you look at the cards.

Oak trees often relate to wisdom in symbology, as do older people, and here there is a depiction of both blended together. The message for us here is to slow down and listen to others with more experience before rushing into anything today. It may go against the grain to stop and take stock of a situation when we feel we're ready to proceed or that we have all the knowledge relevant to it already, but is there any need to rush in so fast? Taking our time and making sure we do it right first time is more important in the long run rather than risking making a hash of things just to get them done quickly, and possibly regretting our haste at a later date. We can still grow and make progress in a slow and steady way, and it could be a lot better for us in the long term too as so many aspects of our lives are interconnected and today's actions can have far reaching effects, so we want to make sure these play out in the best way possible for us.


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