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Ffaff the Ffooter.

Posted on 11 July, 2017 at 5:20

Ffaff the Ffooter is today's card from the Faeries Oracle and shows a small pixie type being sitting on a mushroom, holding one of his feet. Just his name makes me think of “faffing around” rather than getting on with what needs to be done. Yes, I'm guilty of that! I easily manage to find something more interesting to do that what actually needs to be done. I much prefer sitting around reading or surfing the internet than doing housework for example :D Not all “faffing” is bad for us; it can lead to an uninteresting and unfulfilling life if we have no hobbies or no time to ourselves or if we feel guilty for resting and doing nothing every so often, so I suppose it comes back to balance again, as many of these things do. The cards that come up encouraging balance in our lives often appear when we're out of balance or on the verge of becoming so. Even if they just make us stop and think about our habits and behaviour for a few moments that can be enough for us to make some positive changes or alterations to make our lives run a bit more smoothly. It doesn't need to be painful or involve a big change in our habits; instead just a bit of tweaking here and there should do the job. So today I'll still do some faffing, but I'll be more mindful as to how long I'm doing it so it doesn't become the only thing I do. Everything in moderation as they say :)


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