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Arval Parrot.

Posted on 12 July, 2017 at 3:55

Arval Parrot is our card today from the Faeries Oracle, and you can see that this pixie is pointing to his throat as this card is about communication. What makes it more interesting and personal to me is that I have a meeting this morning where communication will certainly be important! He has a slight smile on his face which makes me think that as long as we're clear and honest in our intentions things will work out for us one way or another in the long term. It may not be the way we thought or originally hoped it would be, but things have a funny way of working our and pushing us in the right direction we need to go in, even if we can't see it for ourselves initially. For example, in the recent past I was in a situation where I spoke out against some people as I believed what was happening was wrong. At the time my worries and evidence were pretty much ignored by the parties involved and so I removed myself from the situation. I hope that in time the issues I brought up will be seen to be true by them, but what has actually happened since has resulted in me being in the right place at the right time for other events that have come up in my life. If I hadn't “spoken my truth” at that time, I would be in a more difficult situation now, even though the two issues are not related in any way. It's funny how things work out like this, so even if a situation seems to be dire or we can't see a way to improve things, if we can be truthful, honest and use our integrity we can at least have a clear conscience, and hopefully in time events will play out in a way that's beneficial to ourselves.


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