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Myk the Myomancer.

Posted on 14 July, 2017 at 4:35

The final card of the week for us from the Faeires Oracle by Brian Froud is Myk the Myomancer. I had to look up hat a Myomancer is, and it's the practice of reading omens from mice and rats. As these are relatively small creatures, it relates to looking for the small signs that come into our lives, as well as the larger ones. We're much more likely to see and understand the large signs or obvious symbolism around us, but do we see the more subtle ones? The message for us today is to try and slow down and be observant; watch what's going on around us, especially the things we often miss or don't have the time for. We can gain a lot of knowledge and information this way, and start to understand why certain things are happening in our lives much quicker in the long run than if we charge around everywhere. It's a bit like the tortoise and the hare story- speed isn't always the best option. Many of us will have a chance over the coming weekend to take it a bit easier and to relax a little. It's tempting to take this opportunity to dash around doing all the jobs that have built up or that need doing, but what else in our lives could we be missing if this is our focus? I'm going to try to worry less about the big picture and concentrate more on the less obvious things happening around me so hopefully this will provide some insights on my life, where I'm heading and what will be best for me in the long term.


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