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Watchtower of the South.

Posted on 19 January, 2018 at 5:35

After yesterday's Watchtower of the North, today we have the opposite, the Watchtower of the South, with the Keyword Summer, from the Witches' Wisdom Oracle. The element of fire is related to summer, with the associations of passion, energy and desire. This can help give us the drive to put our plans and ideas into action, to see the fruits of our labours come to fruition and it reminds us to rejoice and enjoy what we've managed to accomplish so far. This relates to growth and rewards after a barren or slow time where we've wondered if we're doing the right thing or not, or been frustrated at the length of time things are taking to come about. We can not only start to see it coming together now, but also taking shape much faster than we anticipated it would. It's time for us to enjoy ourselves, to be happy with our lives and strive to attract more of the same into our lives wherever we can.


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