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The World, The High Priestess & The Fool.

Posted on 24 April, 2018 at 4:30

Today's' pick from my handmade Tarot discs are The World, The High Priestess again & The Fool, & the rhymes for them are as follows:

The World-The end of a chapter, it's been completed, Advancement after you've succeeded.

The High Priestess-To see secrets & knowledge hidden, Use psychic powers & intuition.

The Fool-Time to go, to be carefree, A fresh start with spontaneity.

What strikes me as being particularly interesting with these is that The World is the last of the Major Arcana & The Fool is the first, so this is about endings followed by a new beginning. It may not be clear yet how we can achieve this or make things run as smoothly as we would like, but we need to carefully consider what we no longer need in our lives & think about what we could do instead or what doors may open for us if we take this leap of faith & step (or dive) into the unknown. If we've come to the point where there isn't really much left to offer us in a particular situation, possibly a job has run it's course or we've passed on all our knowledge in a certain area, it's important for us to see that the time has come to try something new rather than staying stuck in our old ways or getting too relaxed & static in a situation because it's easier to stay where we are. That inner voice & intuition are going to be important to us as we work out what direction to go in next.


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