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Gift Vouchers are now available.

If you would like to give someone the gift of a Tarot reading, you can buy a Gift Voucher/Gift Certificate and we will send you by e-mail a Voucher that can be redeemed for a reading with us.

We can also send the Voucher out to you by post if requested, or give it to you in person. 

The Voucher will not have a price on it, but will state the the type of reading that the recipient is entitled to, plus a reference number they will need to quote to redeem the reading with us. 

There is also a short explanation about what a tarot reading is, similar to what is written here on our website.

All the person receiving this as a gift will need to do is contact us to arrange an appointment if they would like a reading in person, or to give us their e-mail address if they would like to received their reading by e-mail.

Mini Reading £5.

An e-mail reading with 3 Tarot cards and 1 Oracle card.

Basic Reading £10.

An e-mail reading using a single spread.

In-depth Reading £20.

An e-mail reading with larger or multiple spreads of cards.

More than one question or issue can be read for.