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We provide intuitive readings using Tarot and Oracle Cards, along with other divination methods and generally tapping into the natural psychic abilities that we believe everyone has. 

Readings of this nature can be used to help answer questions, enable you to see situations more clearly, give you extra information to help you to make decisions and generally give you an overview of your life and the direction you are heading in. The future is not set in stone, so insights gained in this way can help you to be more aware and feel in control of what you want to do next. 

Readings can help to identify what is important in our lives and can give messages that we need to hear, but that we sometimes overlook or forget about. They can remind us of events from the past that have helped to shape where we are today, and can show possible outcomes based on our different decisions.

Some people have a specific question that they would like answered, some a reading regarding a particular area of their lives, or maybe a general reading with no specific emphasis. All of these and more can be catered for by us, and we are happy to help you to formulate a question or customise a reading and tailor make it for you.

Reading Prices:

Mini Reading £10

An e-mail reading with a minimum of 500 words.

Basic Reading £20.

An e-mail reading with a minimum of 1000 words.

In-depth Reading £25.

An e-mail reading with larger or multiple spreads of cards.

More than one question or issue can be read for.

Once you've paid for your reading, please use the contact page to send a message with your question or area you would like the reading to focus on.