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The King of Cups and King of Pentacles.

Posted on 29 January, 2020 at 5:10 Comments comments (0)

The King of Cups and King of Pentacles are a timely reminder for me personally today to make sure that much as there are things I like to do, there are also important issues I need to deal with and jobs that I need to do in order to have the time and money to do the things I like. I don't want to get drawn into the rat race, 9-5 mentality of having to fit in with what's expected of me from society, but making sure my responsibilities are taken care of is still a priority. The King of Pentacle...

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The Moon and Temperance.

Posted on 28 January, 2020 at 5:55 Comments comments (0)

The Moon and Temperance from The Dark Mansion Tarot have a lot of opposites in them: the darkness of the Moon compared to the lightness of Temperance, open eyes in the Moon, closed in Temperance and the woman in the Moon is holding up the river in her hands (a seemingly impossible task) while the woman in Temperance “goes with the flow” and employs the more natural capabilities of water. This shows that no matter how much we want something to happened we can't “force” ...

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The 10 of Cups and the Knight of Pentacles.

Posted on 24 January, 2020 at 6:20 Comments comments (0)

The final message of the week for us come from the 10 of Cups and the Knight of Pentacles, another positive Cups and Pentacles pairing. The family in the 10 of Cups are happy, content and fulfilled, enjoying spending time together and making memories they'll remember and cherish forever. The Knight of Pentacles is a suave looking figure, surveying the landscape around him, He has a mission to complete and is raring to get going; the sooner he starts the sooner he'll begin to see the results h...

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The King of Cups and the 10 of Pentacles.

Posted on 23 January, 2020 at 4:55 Comments comments (0)

The King of Cups and 10 of Pentacles are a positive pairing for us from The Dark Mansion Tarot. The King has learned the lessons of his suit and has become adept with dealing with both his and other people's emotions and needs. He's caring, considerate and always willing to listen and give his sage advice when it's needed. The 10 of Pentacles has a similarly looking man at the centre, surrounded by his family. They've done well for themselves and have come together to celebrate their prosperi...

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The Tower and the 7 of Pentacles.

Posted on 22 January, 2020 at 4:55 Comments comments (0)

The Tower and the 7 of Pentacles are cards with quite different appearances again today. The Tower is dark and foreboding, showing a scene of doom and gloom, whereas the 7 of Pentacles has a smiling farmer taking a rest while he waits for his crops to grow to their full potential. How can the destruction of the Tower lead to the potential abundance of the 7? This reminds us that even the worst, most terrible situations can be recovered from, turned around or have a better long term result tha...

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The 8 of Wands and the 10 of Wands.

Posted on 21 January, 2020 at 5:50 Comments comments (0)

I thought I'd draw two cards today, so we have the 8 and 10 of Wands from the Dark Mansion Tarot. The 8 has a postmistress and her cat flying on a wand, shooting through the sky at a fast pace, while the 10 has a much slower feel to it with a man carrying a heavy burden of wands up the hill, aiming for the distant town. Even the colours are different, with the action of the 8 having bright colours and the drudgery of the 10 being much darker. This is a warning that if we attempt to take on t...

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The Knave of Chalices.

Posted on 17 January, 2020 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

The final card of the week for us is the Knave of Chalices, with a young man surrounded by, and floating on, books. The water around him relates to emotions, to this shows he enjoys learning and doing things he loves. This is the sort of person who tries to work somewhere they enjoy, who makes an income from their hobby or who spends lots of their spare time on their hobbies. This is a good reminder that life isn't all about working to pay bills or doing what's expected of us by other people....

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The Knight of Swords.

Posted on 16 January, 2020 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

The Knight of Swords card has a thoughtful looking scene with the people in it having been involved in some sort of communication with each other and they are now thinking over what was said and considering how to implement any plans they discussed. The Knights in Tarot like to get going on their missions, while the suit of swords relates to communication and seeing situations clearly, so it won't be long until their ideas are put into practice. In our lives how many times have we formulated ...

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The 8 of Wands.

Posted on 15 January, 2020 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

I love the feel of this 8 of Wands card as although there's the sense of movement and growth, the woman also appears to be serene and taking it all in her stride. It seems as though nothing much has changed in her approach from when matters were slower and her life calmer than it's become, and now her plans have taken off in a fast (and possibly even unexpected) way she's coping with it all fine, probably due to the amount of time she spent beforehand ensuring everything was ready and in plac...

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The Star.

Posted on 14 January, 2020 at 6:20 Comments comments (0)

The Star is another card from the Major Arcana for us from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. This is full of hope, encouraging us to follow our dreams and put our ideas and plans into practice as we'll have a great chance of seeing them become reality. They'll need to be tended, like a plant needs to be watered and cared for, but if we keep our efforts up and put in the necessary time we'll be on the right track to achieve our dreams. We could find an extra bit of sparkle in the form of an une...

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Posted on 10 January, 2020 at 5:10 Comments comments (0)

All the cards so far on our page this week from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight have been from the Major Arcana, and today is no exception as we have a message from Justice. The woman closes her eyes to help her concentrate on the balancing act she has to perform in order to make sure everyone gets their just desserts. She works hard at ensuring people get the results that are right for them, even if the consequences can feel harsh at the time. We get back what we put out to the world, but th...

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The Fool.

Posted on 9 January, 2020 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

The Fool card in the Sweet Twilight Tarot shows a jester made to look like a puppet with strings attached to his limbs and head. Is he being controlled by external forces or is it part of his act? He has a drum and appears to be marching, which brings to mind the saying “marching to the beat of your own drum,” so to me that means he's tricking us into thinking other people are “pulling his strings” and he is actually allowing them to think this is the case until he's r...

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The Emperor.

Posted on 8 January, 2020 at 5:00 Comments comments (0)

The Emperor card from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight has a line down the middle of it with different situations on either side, but with The Emperor himself still remaining in both. His appearance differs in each scenario too; he's adapted to the circumstances and decided how he needs to look and act in them. The Emperor's in charge of matters, in control and sure of himself, regardless on the position he's in. This may mean using diplomacy, acting in a way that people understand better or c...

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The Sun.

Posted on 7 January, 2020 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

The first draw of the new year for our page is The sun from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. The Sun is generally thought to be a positive and reassuring card as it shows we're on the right track and by continuing in this direction we can encourage more of the same to come into our lives. What's often overlooked or forgotten, however, is that to get to this point we may have to suffer or go through some hard times first, which is where some people may give up and feel the upset may not be wor...

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Thursday's Soul Card.

Posted on 12 December, 2019 at 6:10 Comments comments (0)

This Soul Card really depicts the things going on in this person's mind. They have their eyes closed, concentrating on their thoughts which appear to be quite important to them as they're dominating so much of this picture. How many times do we concentrate more on our thoughts or worries than what's actually going on in life around us? It's healthy for us to contemplate matters, work out strategies and think our plans through, but we don't want to find we're taken over by going over past even...

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Wednesday's Soul Card.

Posted on 11 December, 2019 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

The figure on today's Soul Card has three sets of arms and a large amount of blackness where its torso is expected to be. It appears to be cocooned or surrounded by an orange layer that may be holding them in looking at the way four of the hands are reaching out, though their face doesn't look distressed, even if it doesn't look particularly happy either. This seems to be a picture of contradictions; of peace versus conflict, safety versus restriction and plenty versus loss. We can be in a ha...

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Tuesday's Soul Card.

Posted on 10 December, 2019 at 3:55 Comments comments (0)

This Soul Card has two faces merging together with their hands facing towards us. Their faces appear to be calm and serene, showing they're happy to be doing this and are in tune with each other on this matter. Their outstretched hands make me think they're holding the rest of the world back, asking for some peace and quiet while they spend some quality time together. This can relate to the time we need to spend with our loved ones in order to reconnect with them, listening to their thoughts,...

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Monday's Soul Card.

Posted on 9 December, 2019 at 9:30 Comments comments (0)

Today's Soul Card has a hazy, misty look to it, with a figure that has closed eyes and is quite blurred and lacks definition. This immediately makes me think of how we may feel if we're lacking purpose or direction in our lives; how can we look as though we know what's going on on the outside to other people if we don't feel sure of what we're doing on the inside? By having their eyes closed it doesn't help this figure to see what could be available to them, so the first thing we need to do i...

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Thursday's Soul Card.

Posted on 5 December, 2019 at 4:45 Comments comments (0)

Today's Soul Card looks like a big hug, something many of us may need at the moment. With the blue outer circle and the orange/red inner this looks a bit the sun, so it also seems to me it's about keeping the warm in, a great idea at this time of year for a lot of us! The overall feeling I get from this card is we need to look after ourselves, to take care of those who need us, plus ensure we allow time for some self-care. The happier, more content and well we are the more we can be there for...

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Wednesday's Soul Card.

Posted on 4 December, 2019 at 4:25 Comments comments (0)

Today's Soul Card has a figure on their back with a face coming out of their mouth. This could relate to words, thoughts or ideas they're having, or they may be feeling they're having to use other people's words instead of their own in a particular situation. Another aspect of this is when as adults we find ourselves using the same phrases that our parents used to say to us many years ago. It can surprise us that we've come out with words we thought we'd never say, or make us realise how simi...

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