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9 of Swords.

Posted on 6 November, 2018 at 5:15

We have another card from the suit of Swords today-this time it's the 9. This also shows anguish & pain, a theme following on from yesterday's card, but today some of this, at least, is in the form of worrying rather than actual problems that have manifested. This is the card of nightmares, of blowing issues up out of proportion & worrying about things that haven't actually happened yet. It's the feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night & all our problems, real or possible, come into our heads & stop us getting back to sleep, then once we do manage to sleep & then wake up in the morning they don't seem to be as bad as we feared they would be in the light of day. Last night was a bit like this for me; I had problems getting to sleep, staying asleep & being able to leave the issues that popped into my head for consideration in the morning. Now I'm up & about I'm much more able to deal with some of them, work out contingency plans for others if they arise & see that some of them weren't even really problems at all. It's a difficult time for many of us, but if we can try & rank our problems in some way & discard others, it can help us to lessen the load a little.


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