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The Hermit and Judgement.

Posted on 19 November, 2018 at 4:55

I'm using my original, prototype set of wooden Tarot Discs today. These are a bit more rustic looking than the ones we sell as Chris hand cut the wood before I sanded it, whereas the ones for sale are more uniform as they're machine cut & sanded.

This week I've decided to draw one disc for a situation or event each day & one disc for what we can take from this. Today's discs are the Hermit & Judgement & my LWB bit for the Hermit is: For personal growth & increased wisdom, Seek knowledge & introspection. Judgement is: Renewal & rebirth, renewed energy, Transformation & a new awakening to see.

Immediately this makes me feel happy about wanting to be a hermit & hide away for a while as it reinforces the fact that it's possible to do useful, practical & important work even if no-one else is really aware of it at the time or knows much about it. We all need time to gather our thoughts, to build up knowledge in our chosen areas & to grow spiritually. It can be hard to grab this time & we can be made to feel guilty for wanting it, so when we get the chance we don't always make as much of it as we could. If we can look towards the long term more & see the benefits it can bring us in the future this may help us to feel happier about having some time to ourselves. We can't change our lives, make improvements or encourage any sort of transformation if we're just doing the same old thing over & over again. Some introverted time is useful to pave the way for our new selves to rise from the ashes of our old lives.


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