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The Devil and The Star.

Posted on 20 November, 2018 at 5:20

The Devil relates to a situation or event today, with the Star giving us advice about how to deal with it. My “rhyme” for The Devil goes like this: Following instincts, desires & attraction, To powerful forces & maybe into temptation. This sounds as though we could be headed into something we're not quite prepared for yet, though it's not necessarily a bad thing. Instead it's likely to be something we haven't fully thought about in detail or examined what all the consequences of it could be & so we're heading into it in a naïve way rather than being fully informed about it all. My “rhyme” for The Star is: Wish on a star for the opportunity, To gain hopes, wishes & creativity. There's one large star on this Tarot Disc surrounded by smaller ones, so this is a reminder that we may have one larger dream we want to come true, but there are also some smaller ones that we'd also be quite happy about if they materialised, & several of them may actually be interconnected, with the smaller ones leading on to the larger one in time. The overall message here is that much as we may be focused on one aspect of our lives that we want to make a success of & do well in, it's not very healthy if we give most of our attention to this one area, regardless of how attractive it is to us. Taking stock of what else is going on around us is important too as this helps us to see the bigger picture as it all comes together, plus give us a more balanced & healthier outlook on our lives & the elements we want to draw towards us.


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