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The Star and The Magician.

Posted on 21 November, 2018 at 6:00

We have The Star again today, this time as the situation we're in, followed by The Magician as help or advice regarding this. Here's The Star's rhyme: Wish on a star for the opportunity, To gain hopes, wishes & creativity. Then we can see a continuing theme in the rhyme for The Magician: For problem solving & creativity, I use my skills & adaptability.

I think some creativity may be called for today! The Star relates to our hopes & dreams, the things we want to do most in our lives, but maybe we haven't quite got there yet. The Magician following this is great as it reminds us we have the knowledge & skills to get going in this area, so now we have to do whatever we can to try & achieve our dreams & make them become reality. This is, of course, often easier to say than to achieve, but if we really want something we have to commit to it for the long term. If we give up too soon we may not be giving things enough of a chance to get going. If it's a business it's likely to take time to set up or a new skill will need hours, months & possibly years of practice to hone it. We may just need to hear these words of encouragement to help us keep going if we're wavering or thinking of calling it a day; this could be the nudge we need to get back on track again.


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