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The King of Cups.

Posted on 26 November, 2018 at 7:00

I'm using the brilliant Vanessa Tarot this week. It's a nice compact size & even comes in a sturdy tin to protect the cards & make it easier to store as well as carry out & about. Today's card is the King of Cups (depicted as a woman-there are very few men in this deck), looking confident & sure of herself on her throne. She wears clothing that may be unusual for a monarch, but this shows her creative & unique side, as well as reminding us she doesn't bow to conformity. This is someone who follows their dreams & doesn't doubt or second guess themselves (or at least not very often!), who is at ease with those who come to her for advise & who will do her best to help people, especially if they're having emotional issues. This is someone we may need to seek out in our lives, or it may be that other people see us as being like this & come to us for comfort, help & support. We shouldn't be worried about letting down our guard or opening up to people when we need it. If we bottle all our emotions up & fail to deal with them, at some point there's going to be an eruption as it all bursts out in an uncontrolled way! It's likely to be much better to handle these things in a pro-active way if we can, calling on a friend for a chat or being a shoulder to cry on for someone in need.


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