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The King of Swords.

Posted on 11 December, 2018 at 6:35

The King of Swords looks to be a solid & stable person; someone who knows what they want out of life & has worked out the methods needed to give them the best chance of obtaining this over time. They may appear to be detached or as though they're not very emotionally involved in difficult situations, but this is more of a front they present to help them stay focused & ensure they get the best results possible than being their actual personality. This is a someone who tries to protect those close to him, who rises above petty quarrels & concentrates more on the important aspects of life, valuing communication & truth & honesty. These are important qualities to aim for in life; to be driven to do the right thing & fight for the truth to be heard. It's not always easy trying to keep our integrity, but it can be good for our conscience if we try to act in this way, even if we don't always get the results we were after. It can take time for things to play out, so even if we don't see any benefit from our words or actions immediately, hopefully they will help someone else at some point in the future & so our efforts won't be in vain.


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