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The Emperor.

Posted on 12 December, 2018 at 5:05

The Emperor is another strong character, this one relating to dominance, stability, rules, structure & sternness. This is the sort of person who expects to be listened to & have their instructions followed. They may come across as being cold or detached from the situation their dealing with, even though it's in their interests to try to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. This person will often try to impose their standards on others, encouraging them to follow their rules & dogma without question. This card is interesting in that a lot of people will immediately feel uncomfortable by these actions & wouldn't want to be in the presence of someone like this, but at the same time people with these attributes may be teachers, rulers, army officers or parents & we may often have to employ some of these tactics to get the most out of our everyday lives or to protect those we love. Like everything, balance is the key; if we live completely by the rules of the Emperor we could find ourselves distanced from our friends & family, even if our methods prove to be successful ensuring success in our work or career. So choosing the appropriate times to act like the Emperor is probably a better approach; not shying away from his methods when we need them, but not following them without thinking either.


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