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The Hanged Man.

Posted on 7 January, 2019 at 7:20

Well, I've had 3 weeks without doing any Tarot related work or activities due to general relaxation & enjoyment of the holiday season, family visits & the eldest being back from Uni, but it's time to find some sense of normality again & start a new course for the year ahead. This year is likely to bring new & unexpected situations again for us, as most do, as well as the more slow burning changes that occur over a longer period before they take effect or are properly noticed. Much as dates are a man-made invention, having a “new start” & thinking about our goals can help us to focus our ideas & plans. The wheel of the year keeps turning, the cycles of nature evolve & we continue to try our best to do what we can to make our lives as happy & enjoyable as possible, so a new year, month, week or day can give us the impetus to get going again, to re-start old projects or begin new ones. The Hanged Man, today's card from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, reminds us that looking at these from a new or different perspective can help us if we've been feeling stuck, & encourages us to explore new ideas or take other methods into consideration. He also reminds us that patience will help us more in the long run than trying to rush things through too fast, no matter how much we want to get going in a new direction. Happy New Year to you all xxx


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