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8 of Chalices.

Posted on 9 January, 2019 at 6:10

The 8 of Chalices from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight shows a sad looking picture with two people walking in different directions, & not looking particularly happy about doing so. The man holds his hand to his heart, implying this is difficult to do, plus the woman's hair appears to be part of the tree she's moving away from, so hampering her progress. She also holds 2 chalices, one upright & one spilt, again showing her mixed feelings about this situation. Chalices relate to emotions & feelings, so this is about leaving behind something that means a lot to us. It hurts as this is something we care about & is important to us, even though we know we can't remain in the same position any more. When we know something is bad for us it can be hard to move on if it's all we know or we feel ill-equipped to do anything else. We can feel trapped in a situation, or know that it's time to move on but be unsure how to go about it. Things don't have to be bad for us to encounter this either; there could be a new job offer, a promise of a better life in another place or just a gradual change in our lives which we then realise means we want different things to people around us & so it's time to move on. However we've arrived here, the important issue will be how we deal with our pain & hurt. The best way forward will be to accept this is what needs to be done, to try & find ways to deal with our upset & to concentrate on the positives we know will be coming after we've got through this difficult period.


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