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Queen of Swords.

Posted on 10 January, 2019 at 5:30

The Queen of Sword, a woman being burned at the stake in the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, is our card today, with a message of standing up for what we believe in & speaking our truth, even if the consequences aren't always the best for us. Swords relate to communication & the Queen is a master in this area, having had years of practice to hone her skills. She knows what to say & when to say it & knows that not everyone will agree with or support her. Sometimes, despite knowing the truth of a situation, it may be better not to say much unless we have to, but this is about integrity & knowing what needs to be done & said to keep others safe or for our own well being. We may ruffle a few feathers, cause friction or lose friends, but if this is something we feel strongly about it may be something that has to be done or else we'll feel as though we're leading a false life or not being true to ourselves. It's worth weighing up the pros & cons & deciding if change due to our honesty is worth the risk, plus having a contingency plan in place if others aren't willing to stand by us, before we take a step that there's no going back from.

I “spoke my truth” 4 years ago in a situation that still haunts me today, though it affects me much less now than it initially did I'm pleased to say. I stood alone against bullies, as other victims chose to stay silent or turn against me, but I did it to try & protect other people in the long term, so I'm glad I did, despite the hurt & upset it caused me at the time & since. My family suffered too at the time, but they backed me fully & we have adapted to make a different & better suited life for ourselves since then.


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