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The Queen of Swords.

Posted on 23 January, 2019 at 6:40

The Gummy Bear Queen of Swords has a message relating to communication for us today. This Queen sees things as they clearly are, has experience in dealing with other people & has a strong sense of justice. She's a diplomat, the voice of reason & someone who brings balance to a difficult situation. This can help us to weigh up things before rushing in too fast or doing something we may regret at a later date. It's a reminder to think matters through thoroughly, to read the small print in contracts & to ensure we've done our homework before committing ourselves to something that could be difficult to remove ourselves from at a later date. We need to look closely at the things that are important in our lives, to see them clearly & speak out about anything that doesn't add up or seem right if we notice it. It can be hard to stand up for ourselves or other people, but not acting can affect our peace of mind, so it's something worth considering at the very least.


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