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The Fool.

Posted on 4 February, 2019 at 5:40

I'm using the wonderfully gothic Dark Fairytale Tarot this week, with The Fool being the card with a message for us today. It's apt drawing the first card of the Major Arcana on the first day of the week, the first time I'm using this deck this year as The Fool relates to new beginnings, adventures & possible risks that we may need to take. This heralds the start of a journey, but where we ultimately end up is up to us & the choices we make along the way. We can play it safe, follow a path we're familiar with, be careful with our decisions & end up pretty much where we thought we would, achieving our goals & hopefully being satisfied with what we've managed to do. Alternatively we may decide to try something new, to step out of our comfort zone & not have too many plans set in stone & see where we go to over time. Neither way is right or wrong, each suit different people at various points in their lives & a combination of these extremes may work better for a lot of us. As long as we're ready & willing, try to minimise any potential risks & look after ourselves along the way, this could be quite an adventure to be going on.


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