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5 of Wands.

Posted on 5 February, 2019 at 5:40

The 5 of Wands from the Dark Fairytale Tarot shows a scene of people fighting, though the weapons used are unlikely to be as devastating as swords or others could be, so hopefully most of those involved will live to see another day. There is light in the darkness, with orbs glowing at the end of the wands, so maybe someone can “see the light” & stop things before it all gets out of hand. As much as anything else, this doesn't appear to be the most organised way of approaching the situation they're all in. This card can appear when everyone seems to be pulling in different directions instead of working together. A lot of hard work & effort may be being put in to get the job done, but the results don't really correlate with this due to disorganisation or a lack or teamwork. Planning, organisation & cooperation will give better results in the long run, though this may take more planning in the short term, which is why people often rush in & get going in their own way before working out what would be the best approach to take overall & for everyone concerned. A little bit of patience & forward planning, combined with the effort we're willing to put in to make a success of things, can give us much better overall results.


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