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The Hierophant.

Posted on 18 February, 2019 at 5:40

I thought the colourful Happy Tarot would be a good deck to use for the next fortnight, helping to cheer us up when the weather is dull & reminding us of the good things in life wherever possible, though this deck still manages to get the message across despite its light-hearted appearance at first glance. Today's card is the Hierophant, & shows him in attendance with two seekers. This relates to following rules, traditions & dogma, which can be useful in certain situations, but can be dangerous too if followed without question at times. How do we know when to follow & when to strike out & do our own thing? A good teacher will show the way, tell us what's possible & what could be accomplished, but will let us find the way that suits us best to achieve this. Guidance is important, helping us to stay on our path if we're in danger of straying from it or giving up, but without the rigidity of having to do things a certain way or the threat of failure if we can't follow without questioning. Finding the balance can be difficult, but also help us see what could be possible if we keep going. We can learn from tradition but also add our own influences to things to make them unique to ourselves & help to inspire others who may be considering doing something similar.


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