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The Hermit.

Posted on 20 February, 2019 at 6:15

The Hermit from the Happy Tarot stands on top of a hill in the dark, all by himself with just his staff & lamp to help him see where he's walking. This tells us that sometimes we need a bit of distance & perspective in order to be able to see things that need our attention more clearly. This can help us to listen to & hear our own thoughts better, to discover more about the situation we're in & to not be too influenced by anyone else who may have vested interests in it one way or another. This isn't about just shutting ourselves away & not having any interactions with the outside world, but more about meaningful solitude; taking the time to meditate, to study or just be by ourselves to recover & regroup after a long or tiring day. This can help us re-assess what we've been through, to think about solutions to any problems that may have arisen & to generally do a self-check to ensure we're on the path we hoped to be on & heading in the direction we planned.


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