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The Wheel of Fortune.

Posted on 25 February, 2019 at 3:00

The Wheel of Fortune starts our week from the Happy Tarot, reminding us that the wheel of life is always turning & we have new opportunities on a daily basis. There are good & bad times we need to negotiate, but as things are in constant motion we know we can try & ride out the bad times as they shouldn't last forever. There are cycles in our lives; chapters end and new ones begin. What we do with these situations is what's important, especially if we want to make the most out of the possibilities available to us. Some people may appear to have all the luck while others have none, but “luck” can be made or encouraged to come into our lives too, it's not fated that we won't have anything go our way. Even though there are events in our lives we have no control over, there are others we can influence, & the Wheel of Fortune helps us to see these opportunities & try to make them work out for ourselves in a positive way.


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