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The 2 of Swords.

Posted on 12 March, 2019 at 6:50

The 2 of Swords from the Vanessa Tarot shows a blindfold wearing, sword carrying tightrope walker- that's certainly a balancing act if ever I saw one! She obviously has a lot on her mind and can't afford to make a wrong move. This relates to choices, contemplating whether we're on the right path or not, or turning away from the things we know in order to try something that's new to us. This isn't something we should take lightly though; it demands our concentration, clear thought and dedication in order to make a success of whatever direction we ultimately decide to head in. Many eyes will be on us too, which can make us feel under scrutiny or on the spotlight, and so this can help us feel even more under pressure than we would anyway as it may seem as though some people are waiting for us to fall or fail in our endeavours rather than make a success of them. Of course we'd like to be able to prove them wrong if that's the case, which is why we need to proceed carefully, be sure of ourselves and have done plenty of research before committing to our final path.


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