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The Bodacious Bodach.

Posted on 18 March, 2019 at 7:10

I've chosen an oracle deck to use for the next couple of weeks, namely The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud, and today's card is The Bodacious Bodach. This faery doesn't look too inspiring or as though he's up to any good. This is because he's the type of fae who likes to “fix” things, even if you don't want any help. This can result in meddling, tampering or even sabotage, all in the name of “being helpful.” This is a reminder that not everyone who comes to our aid has our best interests at heart. Some people can appear to be going out of their way to assist others or spend a lot of time “helping out” people who were managing fine without them. This may be their way of feeling useful, important or even easing their way into other people's lives in order to cause havoc further down the line, or maybe they're doing it to get more information so they can gossip about what's happening. This can relate to someone else in our lives, or it may be a trait we recognise in ourselves. Either way, this isn't behaviour we want to encourage. We need to be tactful and firm, clearly stating our boundaries if someone is acting this was with us, plus take care with who we let into our close circle. They may not mean us harm, but inadvertently manage to cause it anyway. If we have a tendency to act in this way, this is a wake up call to help us stop and reel our “helpfulness” back in a little. We can certainly help people who need and ask for it, but we don't have to force it on those who are managing fine in their own way, even if it's not how we would approach the matter.


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