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Geeeeeooo the Slow.

Posted on 19 March, 2019 at 6:50

Geeeeeooo the Slow from The Faeries Oracle is fairly self-explanatory for us today; take it easy and don't rush matters. We can cause ourselves more stress and upset by trying to rush things through faster than they need to be done, and we can even cause more harm that good by acting in haste at times. This is about taking the time to see the smaller things in life as well such as appreciating sunrises and sunsets, seeing the beauty in nature and noticing our children's achievements- however small or insignificant they may appear to us, it could be a massive accomplishment for them. What can we gain by trying to speed through life at a hundred miles an hour? Is it always better to be fast, to finish first or to push things through ahead of their natural pace? By trying to do more and cram even more into our days are we feeling happier and more fulfilled, or is it just that we have more burdens to bear and a longer list of things that need to be done? This card encourages us to be patient, to wait our turn and see what happens as events unfurl around us. There are some issues that we need to deal with immediately or by a certain date, and so we should concentrate of ensuring these are seen to, but the ones that are out of our control or not as important can often be left to their own devices to an extent with us just doing what we need to as we go rather than trying to micromanage it all. This can help us to feel more relaxed, move at a pace that suits us better and enjoy the simple things in life much more.


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