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G. Hobyah.

Posted on 26 March, 2019 at 6:05

I'm still using the Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud this week, and today's card is a rather strange looking creature named G. Hobyah. This card reminds me a bit of the 9 of Swords in a Tarot deck; it relates to imaginary fears and unreal hazards. Our first look at him may bring feelings of worry or uneasiness, but looking more closely is it just that he's old and wizened or looks different to how we imagined the fae would be? In other words, are the issues in our heads rather than being actual real ones? The more fearful we are of something the more power we give it, and if we allow this to continue it could grow out of proportion until it's something we can't face dealing with. This reminds us to look for the truth in the situations that scare us, to see the reality of the position we're in and tear down our self-made projections and imagination in order to see the truth of the matter of what we're dealing with. By facing these and seeing what they are instead of the fears we've built up we'll have a much better chance of dealing with them in a calm and successful way.

I need to remember this myself today as I have some important paperwork to deal with. It's not something I relish, so I keep looking at it, wishing it would go away as it feels like a blight in my life, but until I face up to it and fill it in my fears regarding it will continue to grow, so it's probably time to bite the bullet and see about getting started!


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