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The Queen of Hearth and Home.

Posted on 3 April, 2019 at 5:15

We have another Queen imparting wisdom from The Heart of Faerie oracle today- this time it's the Queen of hearth and Home. Home isn't just the place we live or go to at night to sleep, we can create a “home” wherever we are; home is us and what we create. We can be at work, on holiday or in a cafe and the area we inhabit can be made into a homely one where we're comfortable and those around us can feel relaxed in our presence. This ability can take time to craft, so if we don't feel comfortable doing this yet there's no need to worry. It's like everything, the more we practice the better the chance that we can succeed. This Queen looks to be comfortable with her situation, despite looking far from ordinary or average. She encourages us to look deeper within ourselves and work out what makes us feel happy and at ease. Yes, when we close the door behind us at the end of a long day it's great to relax and be ourselves in our own homes, but an even greater freedom is to be able to do this wherever and whenever we create a home for ourselves.


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