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The Queen of Bedlam.

Posted on 12 April, 2019 at 4:35

The final card for us from The Heart of Faerie Oracle is the Queen of Bedlam. This Queen is surrounded by an unusual array of creatures; a unicorn in armour, fish with eyes where you don't expect them and a thoughtful looking rabbit sitting on top of another fae member to name a few. She herself has an expression on her face that appears to be somewhere along the lines of not believing what she sees and knowing too well that what's going on around her is very real, even if she doesn't want it to be. This card helps us through those difficult times when the world just seem to be going off the rails around us, when the things that are happening are too bizarre to be made up or even if we're dealing with some very mundane issues, but having to deal with them “again” for the umpteenth time. This reminds us we're not alone, other people also experience strange situations or are driven to distraction by ordinary tasks that can take on feelings of annoyance or that drive us crazy when we have to do them one time too many. This madness won't last forever- I'm sure we'd run out of energy if it continued too long! We can get through the strange occurrences and maddening actions of others, but we may need to take a deep breath and step back first to help us deal with it all in a less stressful way, helping us to be able to face another day once it all settles down again.


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