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Justice, the Queen of Wands and the 3 of Wands.

Posted on 24 April, 2019 at 5:55

Justice, the Queen of Wands & the 3 of Wands are the cards with a message for us from The Transparent Tarot today. The Queen is facing towards Justice, showing that she's working in this area to help get matters resolved as fast as possible. The scales of Justice relate to balance, while the sword relates to knowledge & the need to find the truth in the issue that's being dealt with, helping to ensure we have all the information we can get to make sure the right result is obtained. Justice, like the sword, is double edged, implying the appropriate action will be taken, even if it's not what everyone may be expecting. The Queen of Wands is centre of attention here, in a position where she can make sure justice is upheld. She looks to be independent & able to stand her ground, so whatever the result is she should be able to cope & make a positive situation from it. She's full of drive & energy, encouraging us to keep going, even if we're at the point where we feel like giving up. If we stop now we may never get the results we were after. The 3 of Wands comes after this period, showing that using teamwork, listening to and following the example of others & drawing on our creativity we can start to see matters coming together & begin to get the positive results we were hoping for previously. We have more power than we may realise, and by harnessing this we can achieve so much more than we dreamed possible.


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