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The Ace of Cups, Knight of Pentacles and the 5 of Swords.

Posted on 25 April, 2019 at 5:00

The Ace of Cups, Knight of Pentacles & the 5 of Swords are the cards making up this picture from The Transparent Tarot today. The Knight is facing the massive cup that has water overflowing from it, offering his pentacle to add to the situation, while the figure with dropped & broken swords is further away & looking down and in the opposite direction. The first two cards appear to be much more positive than the final one, plus they have a much larger presence in the scene depicted, so this encourages us to move away from the despair of the 5 of Swords & adopt the actions of the previous cards where possible. The Knight is working towards making a difference in his life, following his dreams & trying to keep some balance between his working life & being able to do the things he enjoys. He wants to do things that make him happy rather than having to follow a path that grinds him down & makes him feel as though life is a daily fight just to survive. Sometimes we can worry more than is necessary; building up a picture of how things are in our minds that is actually worse than reality, blowing matters up out of proportion. It's hard to turn our backs on these feelings, but with time & effort it can be done, helping us to embrace the fun, more satisfying & fulfilling aspects of our lives more & more.


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