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The Devil.

Posted on 1 May, 2019 at 5:15

The Devil is the card with a message from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight today. The devil often relates to lust, desire & temptation, but also is about being trapped, chained or unable to do what we want freely, so there can be confusing or mixed messages when seeing him. The Devil tries to get us to do the things we want to do, but that we may secretly be afraid of doing. This can have both good & bad results, depending on how careful we are, how much preparation & research we've done beforehand & if we're going in to the situation with our eyes wide open or not. Temptation in itself isn't bad, doing things we enjoy isn't either, but if our actions result in problems for ourselves or others further down the line, especially if it's due to our own negligence or lack of foresight, then that's when the problems can occur. We can then become trapped or stuck in a position we're not happy with & want to remove ourselves from. If we take more time before embarking on something we're initially not sure about we're likely to get much better results than if we just dive in, no questions asked. We don't want to go too much the other way either; working hard, studying all the time or never really letting loose or having a bit of fun doesn't help us have a satisfying or fulfilling life, so the Devil can help us try new things, to step out of our comfort zones a little & see what else life has to offer. The secret is making sure we don't go from one extreme to the other!



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