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The 6 of Wands.

Posted on 16 May, 2019 at 4:30

The 6 of Wands from the Witches Tarot shows a victorious King returning from battle. He's riding past a row a people with their staffs held high in recognition of what he's managed to achieve. He's still wearing his armour, indicating the amount of effort it took him to get these results, though it's likely he'll be quite pleased when he can have a rest and some quiet time to himself to think about events and work out what he'll need to do next to keep things on the right track. This is a virtual “slap on the back” for us, reminding us of our achievements and ensuring we feel proud of ourselves and what we've managed to do so far. It hasn't been easy getting to this point, but we've done it and accomplished more than we thought possible when we first set out on our paths. We may not realise quite how far we've come and the amount of progression we've made, so this is also a check point for us so we can look back at where we were and see how much we've grown over time. There will always be more to do, more dreams to follow and more goals to work towards, but we need to give praise where it's due and make sure we get the recognition we deserve.


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