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The 5 of Swords.

Posted on 21 May, 2019 at 4:25

The 5 of swords from the Witches Tarot shows 5 Swords all pointing at a moth in the sky, seemingly directed there by the fairies flying around them. People often think of faeries as being kind, sweet or cute, but these certainly aren't acting in that way. In many studies of the fae the conclusions often are that they are cunning, tricksy and deceitful, and not as good natured as many fairy-tales would have us believe. The moth in the card is holding its ground (or piece of sky), for now at least. Who will win and be victorious in the end? Regardless of the outcome, this shows a scene of trickery, fighting and battles. No-one will really be the winner at the end of the day, everyone will have lost something along the way. This helps us think about our own battles- are they all worth fighting or are some best left and walked away from? There are important issues we do need to take a stand against, but this is referring more to the smaller, more trivial things, the ones where we may lose face or have our pride hurt if we don't win rather than it having much of a significant outcome in the bigger scheme of things. There are some issues we need to rise above, to turn our backs on or handle in a more light hearted way than letting them dominate our lives or upset us disproportionately. I personally find this quite difficult to do at times, so much as this is a card that's suggesting something that goes against my first instincts or reaction to many issues, it's one worth listening to for my own peace of mine and to help my metal health.


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