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The Shadow Side.

Posted on 23 May, 2019 at 4:05

I don't think I'll have time to post a card tomorrow I'm afraid, so today's one will be the last from the Witches Tarot for a while (I'll be using a different deck next week). The Shadow side (usually called the Devil) is our card and shows a shadowy figure in the background that the girl and boy nearer us seem afraid of. They're not running away however, so either they've chosen to be there and things are more intense than they expected, or they're being held there against their will. Many situations regarding the devil start with us choosing to go there; the pub, an affair, an unauthorised day off work. Many of these things we know we'll enjoy, but at the back of our minds we're questioning whether we should be doing this, even as we take the first steps towards doing it. We're tempted by something that sounds fun and exciting, that may be fine for us in moderation or in particular circumstances, but if taken too far the scales of balance can tip quite quickly and suddenly we're regretting our actions and wanting to remove ourselves from the pickle we've managed to get into. Some of these situations can be quite trivial and help to give us a wake up call to prevent us doing anything more serious, but others can be quite serious and even life changing over time. The message for us today is to stop and think before getting in too far, to consider the consequences of our actions and what could potentially be a result of them further down the line, especially regarding how they may affect other people. We're entitled to have some fun, but when the cost becomes too high is it really worth it?


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