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The 7 of Wands.

Posted on 29 May, 2019 at 6:50

The 7 of Wands from the Vanessa Tarot shows a warrior woman standing her ground against several others who are trying to make her give way or back down regarding an issue. She looks to be fiercely determined to see this through and doesn't seem likely to be giving up her stance any time soon. This relates to those times when we feel the world is against us, other people just can't see our point of view or when we know it's worth sticking to our guns to get the best long term result regarding a matter. We're likely to feel hounded, that we're not being listened to and that something quite simple has turned into a big issue that dominates our lives. This situation won't be permanent so should come to an end one way or another in the not too distant future, but it can be tiring while we're having to put a lot of effort into making others try to understand what we're doing and why. If this is something we feel strongly about and want to see through to the end we may regret it if we don't stick to our ideals, so it's time to don our armour and start defending our beliefs and actions.


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