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The Emperor.

Posted on 3 June, 2019 at 5:10

The Emperor from the Vanessa Tarot shows a strong leader, setting out her rules and regulations to all her followers. She is firm and sure in her convictions, making it known that she won't accept anyone messing her about and that she expects compliance with her plans at all times. Sometimes we want to do things our own way, to take a laissez-faire approach and just see what happens depending on the actions we've taken, effectively making it up as we go alone. However, there are other occasions where we do need to follow the rules or set procedures in order to get the best possible results. The Emperor represents these occasions, reminding us that even if it feels awkward or goes against the grain for us to do this, there are times when this will be the best way to go about our endeavours. By following the rules it can mean we move through certain situations faster and with less problems or obstacles that will need tackling, leaving us with more time and energy to tackle the issues that are important to us that need a more creative or alternative type of strategy to get the most out of them.


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