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The 5 of Cups.

Posted on 4 June, 2019 at 3:30

The 5 of Cups from the Vanessa Tarot shows a girl looking indignant over the 3 cups that have been knocked upside down and spilled their contents, with a second girl trying to make her aware of the 2 other cups that are still upright and full. Depending on how you look at this situation it's either a terrible tragedy or it's a situation where not all has been lost and something can still be salvaged from it. There is hope that things can improve and aren't at their worst yet if it's possible to draw the focus away from the spilt drinks, but it depends if the first girl can see this or not as to whether she's be able to change her perspective over time. Life throws us challenges all the time- sometimes more than we would like or feel able to deal with, but mostly we keep going and do the best we can to overcome them. After a while it can be easier to see things from the first girl's point of view, giving up when another thing goes wrong, convincing ourselves we deserve this bad luck somehow. It's harder to be like the second girl, but much better for us, plus more profitable in the long run, if we can have her positive approach as we'll see we begin to have more days with “so so” or good events in them rather than a run of bad ones. Changing our focus in life from the things that have gone wrong onto those that are working out well for us may seem like a small thing, but can have massive long term consequences for us.


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