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Oblivion Denied.

Posted on 12 June, 2019 at 4:55

Today's card from the Victoria Frances Oracle is Oblivion Denied, showing a woman holding onto a tree while she's still in the water around it. She knows that this action is needed to ensure her safety, even if she's not sure about what she should do next. She could stay where she is, though she's likely to deteriorate over time as the cold and damp creep into her more, she could try swimming or moving down the bank with the help of other trees and shrubs, or she could make an effort to remove herself from the water and get back onto dry land if she's strong enough. Emotionally, she may not be ready to leave the place she's in as she's looking backwards instead of forwards, but this is where she's likely to come to most harm if she remains static. This is true for many of us; even if we won't come to much harm by staying where we are, we're not likely to be able to do much to enrich or improve our lives any further than we already have. Change is difficult, can be hard and painful, but is a necessary part of the cycles of our lives if we want to make as much of them as possible. The unknown has its own issues we'll need to overcome and deal with in time, but it also has the promise of new experiences and more stability if we're willing to give it a try.


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