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The Faceless Company.

Posted on 13 June, 2019 at 5:20

The Faceless Company is today's card from the Victoria Frances Oracle, showing a vampire ready for a masquerade party. The main emphasis in this picture is the mask she's wearing, like many of us do in our day to day lives without even realising. We wear different masks for different situations, which can be necessary, especially if we need to act in a professional manner at work or when dealing with officialdom, but do we then get to the point where we're not actually sure who the “real” us underneath the mask is any more? Taking off the mask, being true to ourselves and acting in a way that makes us happy can be harder to do than it sounds, so we may need to try doing it in small bursts or just in particular situations to begin with. The more we do this the easier it'll become over time, until it's rare we need to don “the mask” much at all. Those who truly love, care for and understand us will stand by our sides, and those who preferred the facade will gradually move out of our lives, leaving us with a much more authentic feeling all round.


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