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Tears for Innocence.

Posted on 18 June, 2019 at 6:00

Tears for Innocence is our card from the Victoria Frances Oracle today. It shows a girl with her childhood toys, but these are broken, so she's upset by what's happened. Many of us will have traumas, upset and pain from the past that still affects us or that creeps up on us unawares at times. It's frustrating that we can't change what happened, and in many cases we'll work out what we could have done instead to stop the situation becoming as bad as it did, but no amount of analysing the past can change what happened. This isn't telling us to hide the past away or to forget about it, but it is encouraging us to stop it taking over our present and future if we can. It's encouraging us to let go of what we can, to seek help to move on from difficult issues that affect us and gives us the confidence us to find positive ways of dealing with any negative memories we have. We may regret choices we made and actions we took in the past, but we could also waste a lot of our lives worrying over this if we're not careful, so it'll be better for us in the long-term if we can replace these with dreams and ideas for the future.


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