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Amarath Longing.

Posted on 21 June, 2019 at 4:25

The final card from the Victoria Frances Oracle for this outing is Amarath Longing, with the woman in the picture holding a rose in her mouth, allowing the thorns to pierce her lip. Has she been forced to do this or has she inflicted it on herself, like a martyr? However she got to this position, she's likely to be regretting her actions now, but she looks unsure about what to do next. There's a path going up the hill behind her if she turns around, or she may decide to stay where she is and see if things improve here. This is likely to be a position many of us are familiar with; we know we're not in the right place for us really as it's damaging us or not allowing us to grow and flourish, but a change in direction has its own complications that we may not be ready to deal with or want to handle yet. Is the pain we're going through of our own making or are we a victim or circumstances? In reality it's probably a bit of both. There are some things we have very little control over so we need to try and make the most of them, but there are other issues we can be more assertive over and help steer them in a better direction if we're more aware of what's happening and think more about the situation we're in and what we can do to improve it. This is one of many cards I've drawn recently for our page that have a theme of change. There seems to be something in the air at the moment as day to day; many of us have our own agendas we need to work on to try and make our lives run more smoothly and for us to feel happier about the direction we're heading in, but on a global scale we're seeing people and countries en masse also opening their eyes and realising we can't continue in the way we have been for the last few decades or there won't be much of a planet left for our children or grandchildren. Change is the buzzword of the moment it seems!


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