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The Magician.

Posted on 2 July, 2019 at 3:05

It's been a bit hectic, so sorry for missing a couple of daily draws, but I'm back again today with the Magician from the Dark Mansion Tarot. The man in this card appears to be a scientist doing research and carrying out experiments, working hard to try and find the results to his questions and see if his ideas will work when put into practice. This is someone who is meticulous in their approach, ensuring they've covered as many probabilities as possible when carrying out their work. To make sure we get the best results we can we need to follow this example, practising until we're sure of what we're doing, performing to the best of our abilities and working to keep our skills up to date to stop them getting rusty. Once we have the knowledge we then need to put it all into practice. In reality, this is often the hardest part as we need to step away from the shadows and show the world what we're capable of doing. Some people are comfortable in this role, but others (myself included) shy away from being centre of attention and prefer to be working away quietly in the background. This is fine if we can achieve the results we're after, but we're likely to find we could stagnate after a while unless we're prepared to push our boundaries and be proud of what we can do.


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